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I had been having a major loss of blood during my cycles each month that had increased over the last year to an almost alarming amount. It made me feel weak and without energy each month. Because the symptoms were occurring in that region, my Higher Self indicated I was having issues with the root or first chakra (my power center) and that "they" were working on that region, and that I would need to practice clearing that chakra region myself on a regular basis. In other words, I needed to work on keeping and practicing my own power and control, which I felt I was losing at the mercy of several people and situations that were going on in my life at the time. 

The blood loss stopped by the following day, and I have been trying to do my own clearing of all the chakras each day, focusing especially on the root chakra. 

After the session my hands and abdomen were extremely warm and my hands were so weak, and sore for days after, from the length of time my Higher Self had my own hands over the region that was needing healing during the Quantum Healing Session.

 I was so grateful that I was able to experience such a beautiful and informative healing experience. Thank you Candace for your guidance and the important hypnosis work you do.

- Holly

Dear Candace

 The whole QH experience is a bit surreal, especially hearing the words come out of my mouth that the metal plate and screws in my arm "would be replaced by my own body material of bone and tissue!" But I decided not to question anything (as you suggested) and just go with it.  The "healing portion" of the session was actually a bit painful and I felt tremendous heat. But it was bearable and so worth it.

 I will never forget sitting up and feeling my arm. I have always been able to feel the metal in there with my own fingers and it has always been painful. But immediately after I woke up there was no pain at all and no matter how I try to feel inside my wrist for the metal and screws I can no longer feel them at all! Its truly a miracle. I have NO PAIN.

(Update) Its been severals year now since our session and I am still 100% completely pain free!  I can use that arm in every way that is normal including carrying heavy items that was impossible to do before our session.

- Elizabeth

In my Quantum Healing session we learned that cellular genetic memory is transmitted generationally through the skeletal spine. This perfectly explained my family history and my own very painful condition of scoliosis. Since I opted to clear the scoliosis not only myself but my whole genetic line in my healing, (my ancestors and my children) those memories became more available as the energy got released. 

 It is still amazing to think that even just sitting up from the session I noticed right away that my spine was a lot straighter and I continue to have far less pain than before. Sometimes no pain at all! This is pretty amazing considering I am in my late 60's and have suffered with a lot of pain for my entire life.

My daughter has noticed her ribs are straighter too! And she didn't even HAVE a session herself, only I did and passed the healing along to my family.  

I am being required to "choose differently." It is something I do not have the words for, but it is well beyond forgiveness. I have to 'see' differently now now too.

Oh and here is a bonus you will love to hear about two of my three dogs healed completely after my session!

Quantum Healing is incredibly powerful. I cannot thank you enough


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