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Monk Mirror Dolores Yt Thumb

The Monk, the Mirror, and Dolores Cannon

I am still integrating the intense energy transmission and information downloads provided during this tandem BQH Session! Attendees and observers, and even those who have watched the recording after the event had ended have also reported huge energy influxes and radical consciousness shifts. Here is just one observation from good friend and practitioner Donna McMurtry-… Read more »

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Number Prompts

What are yours? They change you know. Or at least mine do. Decades ago I began noticing the 11:11’s and I still see that combination frequently and the 11:11 remains meaningful. But, for the last 3 years or so, my primary number prompts have been the variations on 144 and 444. While there are many… Read more »


Moving Out Studio

Reconfiguring 2023

I’ve been keenly aware of the energy of this year of 2023, even before the calendar turned. Indications began in August and have continued to build. This year, I am absolutely certain, will be nothing like 2020, 2021 or 2022. I paused after writing that sentence. How to describe what I feel is coming? I… Read more »

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