The Human Heart Field

Make no mistake, the human heart has sustained massive direct attacks, both physical, psychological, emotional and spiritual. And yet, the collective consciousness of the human heart endures. This is what makes humans so very special.

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The Monk, the Mirror, and Dolores Cannon

I am still integrating the intense energy transmission and information downloads provided during this tandem BQH Session! Attendees and observers, and even those who have watched the recording after the event had ended have also reported huge energy influxes and radical consciousness shifts. Here is just one observation from good friend and practitioner Donna McMurtry-…

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Contact within a Dream Part 2

Standing back at the side of the spaceship and looking at Kismet, licking her paw, I then sensed a communication from within the craft. It wasn’t audible, it was telepathic. It was brief and it was the only direct communication I received in the dream “You are in the beginning stages of true human multidimensional expansion.”

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Contact within a Dream

disc shaped spacecraft near house with trees photo illustration

What kind of experience WAS this anyway? I was most lucid in this dream. I was asking logical questions, despite the “Kilroy” thought.

I knew that in the house before me, I had, just 3 days prior, been in a consciousness exploration experience with my friends Will and Allison Brown.

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It Takes Two to Tandem…Session that is!

Consciousness Connection between two people, telepathy.

In an event that’s sure to surprise and enlighten, enjoy a front-row seat as Allison simultaneously induces Candace Craw-Goldman, founder of Beyond Quantum Healing AND Will Brown, internationally known trance channel…creating a magical container of exploration. Watch this one-of-a-kind session unfold in real time from the comfort of your own home, as you lend positive intention and heart-centered energy to the experience. There’s no predicting what might take place, but we are certain it will be extraordinary!

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Strataca is an underground salt mine museum. Way underground. Like, way, way underground, as in 65 stories underground. A truly unnatural place for a human to venture, I have been working myself up for the experience.

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