30 Day Countdown to Immersion

Some of my dearest and best friends don’t live anywhere near Kansas. Yes, of course I do have some incredible people in my life who live nearby, but far and away, most of my friends and family live, well, far and away.

One of the most wonderful perks of being the founding member of this Community of Quantum Healers, is finding like-minded people who become friends. Colleagues yes, Acquaintances, certainly. But I truly count so many of our members as dear and precious friends. I have been blessed to have met, or spent time in person, with a great number of these special people, across the United States, and across the seas too. Some brave and generous souls have even ventured here to visit here on the wide open prairie, either for personal visits or for projects or for events like the upcoming BQH Immersion. Some friends I have yet to meet in real life.

One lovely soul comes to mind.

I have yet to meet her, yet to hug and feel her physical heart beating next to my own, but I will. Someday. Hopefully someday soon. Until then I connect as I can. Iris Krstanovich is a unique voice in the QuantumHealers.com Community. I asked her to write a little something, as I knew only she could, about her musings on our upcoming Immersion gathering. When Iris writes or even speaks, poetry emerges.

I recently experienced a heart-nurturing small gathering with several BQH practitioners. I noticed my immersion in the eyes of these women. That immersion was the most natural response in the world to a longing to return to a whole brain state of belonging. We all know that belonging is a real thing. When the whole being experiences it, we just know, don’t we. Through glimpses of this state, we walk through the doorway of the Absolute. In our myths, we call it Paradise, Eden, Nirvana. Knowing says that we all retain a register for these words and how our souls uniquely express them. We have the capacity to access our unique soul remembrance and anchor its inherent power in our human form. As remembering catches fire, communities and civilizations remember. Gaia receives and returns her blessing.

This leads me to the next BQH Immersion gathering, scheduled from April 30 to May 5, 2023. I ponder: if just a few hours with these women began to tend the embers of my heart, how much more can an immersion in compassion offer all of us? Perhaps those reading this will be led to read Candace’s post once again. Perhaps we will read it through the eyes of belonging, remembering and return.

What is most commonly called awakening, or ascension, is also a state of emergence. We can open to this core living memory through gathering with others. I am convinced that gathering is the key.

The Beyond Quantum Healing Immersion Event begins 4 weeks from today, on Sunday, April 30. There are still a couple of spots left. A number of those attending are BQH practitioners who are still finishing up the online foundational class, so we will have multiple people who are brand new to the modality joining us. Ready to swap sessions and gain experience as well as make new friends. Of course, we have more seasoned and experienced practitioners, and long-time friends returning as well. A great mix.