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In-Person Sessions

Why In-Person Sessions?

Sometimes only a face-to-face session will do! Especially these days when so many of us crave human contact. I love meeting my clients in real life where we can share real warm heart-to-heart hugs. In-person sessions can include in-person attention like hands-on reiki or energy healing.

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BQH In-Person Session

The classic way quantum healing has been done for decades. Face-to-face! An in-person session in Candace’s childhood home, this 1950’s ranch style house is located on the east side of Wichita. You will find the space warm, cozy and quiet. I love having my own tea kettle at the ready and a stove available to warm up some soup if needed after a session! There is plenty of space to stretch out and is is even possible go for a stroll to get grounded after a session as home is situated on several park-like ad tree filled acres. Many magical things have transpired within this space since 1965 when my family first moved in and even more have now that I have been regularly practicing here, and I very much enjoy that the energy remains clear and uncluttered by more transient city or office type environments.

BQH In-Person Session for 2

Over the years I have had a number of couples come for in-person sessions! Partners, BFF’s, Mother and Daughter, and more. Two Sessions over two consecutive days, special savings rate of $999 USD.

Each session is private, but we start off as a group of 3 to chat and prepare. These sessions almost always deepen relationships and often clients find out how they know each other in other lifetimes or realms.

These sessions make wonderful gifts and are perfect for get-aways or ways to use up that vacation time. Wichita actually has some lovely attractions believe it or not, with some nice places to visit. We have Bottanica, the Zoo, Old Town, Cowtown and The Mid America All Indian Center- located on a HUGE energy portal!

QHHT® Session

Dolores Cannon’s classic method, Quantum Healing Hypnosis Technique, in-person session ONLY. Experience a QHHT® session “just like Dolores Cannon would have facilitated” by her very first Level 3 practitioner (me). Yes it is true. Although I no longer am currently listed on the “official” Dolores Cannon practitioner site, I actually assisted Dolores with her Level 3 program before she passed, and was the first one to earn that designation in 2014. I used to assist Dolores in her live classes, for a number of years both before and after her death, and I absolutely can and will provide you with a classic QHHT session, just like Dolores herself would have given you. Will you have a classic past life? Or more of a “convoluted” experience?  Are you a “Volunteer?” Will Dolores show up? She just might! Sessions are several hours in length $750 USD.

Video 1 Intro

Video 2 Intentions

Video 3 Meditation and Quieting the Mind

Video 4 Jumpstarting Your Imagination

Video 5 Drink Water

Video 6 Group Regressions

Video 7 Session Mythbusters

Video 8 Energetic Connection with Practitioner

Video 9 Expectations

Video 10 Wrap-Up

Prep for Your Session!

This is my *Get Ready* collection, which are 10 brief videos with tips, instructions, advice, and strategies to help you to get ready for your Beyond Quantum Healing, QHHT®, past life regression, or ANY consciousness exploration or energy healing session.

Watching these very brief informative videos will answer questions, dispel myths and offer some fun suggestions on how to practice, still your mind and begin to make a real and actual connection to your Higher Self.