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Quantum Connect

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What is Quantum Connect?

Quantum Connect (QC) is a quick connection session with your clients’ ever-present Higher Self. The exercises or games that QC practitioners demonstrate, with real-time experiences, how we are always connected to our Higher Selves.

The ultimate goal of a Quantum Connect session is to provide confirmation to the client that they are always connected ‘in a fun and quick way’ so they can have confidence in listening to this guidance in the future.

This class has been designed for Service-to-Others Practitioners who are comfortable discussing symbolic interpretation, dream imagery, or archetypal symbolism, or already do so in their various practices.  It is also a perfect compliment for other Quantum Healers, Psychologists, Life Coaches, Hypnotherapists,  Intuitives, Card Readers,  Energy Practitioners and more.

This class was not created for brand new  service-to-others practitioners, however there are absolutely no prerequisites to the course work, and anyone who might want to start exploring  and learning symbolism is welcome. Those new to the concepts might wish to reserve offering QC sessions until they feel comfortable with basic symbolic interpretation.

QC Course Description

Content: 6 Lessons, 14+ lesson videos, 20+ example videos, 7 supporting PDF documents for download to help you during a session. A private Quantum Healing Support Forum Community “room” for students who are in process of completing the curriculum.

Price: Currently USD $279. The Payment interface is Stripe, which does accept credit, debit cards and bank info. If alternate payment methods are needed, please contact the support team at [email protected]

QC Course Information

Many, if not most, people have come to believe that the trance state is the only way to connect to the HS;  QC can be used to dispel that misperception. What we are achieving with QC is however, similar to what a trance state achieves, namely, minimizing interference from the Conscious Mind (CM). But we use speed to get around the control of the CM, rather than relaxation and altering the brainwave state.

QC Course Syllabus:

  • Lesson 1:   Course Introduction
  • Lesson 2:   Healing Flower Game
  • Lesson 3:   The Garden Game
  • Lesson 4:   Debrief and Post Session Conversation
  • Lesson 5:   Additional Exercises
  • Lesson 6:   Wrap-up