Quantum Connect!

Quantum Healing offered now in a new way.

Quantum Connect (previously described as a mini BQH session) ” is a way to experience a connection with your Higher Self with no lengthy time commitment or trance state necessary. The magic of your own Higher Self will still communicate with you in a fun, compact, easy 45 minute session that you can book during a lunch hour with time to spare.

These Quantum Connect (QC) sessions have been surprisingly informative and transformative for clients who are on a budget, are not interested in attempting a trance state, or just want to “dip a toe” into the world of consciousness exploration and learn how their own Higher Self talks to them in their everyday lives.


From the very beginning of my practice of quantum healing (2008-present) a typical client’s session would include a series of preparatory imagination exercises. These fully conscious, open-eyed, back and forth “games” were used to demonstrate to the client how their Higher Selves would communicate with the client using the Higher Self’s own language that is used to speak to the everyday conscious mind: Imagination.

Over more than a dozen years now I have collected many client session stories where some of the greatest “breakthroughs” or some of the “beginnings” of a breakthrough in a quantum healing session would come during these “practice” exercises, before the actual session even took place!

What Can be Learned

During these fun and lively exchanges, clients may learn a great many things. Here is a list of just a few of the more common realizations

  • Visualization is not necessary for communication, or also not necessarily what you think it is!
  • Visualizing something in “the mind’s eye” is something nearly everyone does and these games show you exactly what that looks like for you.
  • Information from imagination can come in many different ways including thoughts, memories, stories, words, sounds, smells, colors, abstract shapes, even things you might not expect like: body movements, music or poetry.
  • The Higher Self speaks to us in dreams, daydreams and in other ways when we allow ourselves to be creative.
  • The Higher Self is always connected to you. Always.
  • The Higher Self and the Universe work in concert to deliver information or guidance to you.

How it Works

In a 45 minute QC session one might play one, two or even three of these imagination games depending on the individual and their response. The idea is to allow the creative aspect of the client to connect with the Higher Self and allow that communication to flow without the conscious mind interrupting, analyzing or falling into pre-programmed or assumed responses.

Using a somewhat rapid back and forth question and answer game situation almost always skips over the conscious mind and it’s typical constant interference.

Why You might Choose Quantum Connect instead of a Full BQH Session

  • Your time and your schedule. Mini sessions are 45 minutes not several hours.
  • Budget. Mini sessions are much less of an investment!
  • No trance state required. Some people are not interested, and others have had prior difficulty relaxing into a deep hypnotic space and are looking for options.
  • Desire to connect in a deeper way to not only your Higher Self, but to and with a caring and experienced facilitator for a fun and revealing conversation
  • Possible (if not probable!) breakthroughs or clues any issue or concern you have in your current life.
  • You might want to do a full BQH or other type of quantum healing session- having a QC session is a great way to understand the symbolism your own Higher Self might use in a longer session.

How to Get Started

Hone in on a single current issue or concern. And send me an email!  Use the contact tab on this website or send a request to book a QC session to [email protected] and me or my team will get you booked in.

Post-Script for Curious Quantum Healers

I am producing a Quantum Connect COURSE!

If you are currently a Quantum Healer of any kind practicing past life regressions, BQH, or QHHT® or any other type of Past Life Regression, Intuitive Coach or Energy Healing Practitioner and are interested in a future learning opportunity by taking a class on how to offer a Quantum Connect service in your own practice, drop me a note! [email protected] – I am currently developing a QC course and hope to release it very soon. (Absolutely NO prerequisites required!)

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  1. Svetlana Glikman (QHHT 2, BQH) on April 28, 2022 at 2:03 am

    I would love to take the QC course!