Online Sessions/Consults

Online web-conferencing is easier than ever with the Zoom interface. Reliable, recordable and providing the ability to connect worldwide, healing and consultation sessions are easy and affordable saving the cost of travel, accommodation and related expenses.

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In Person Sessions

Some people simply enjoy the traditional interaction of an in-person session, consultation or group event. My Kansas studio is spacious, well-appointed and private.

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Our Community of Quantum Healers is thriving! Our Directory at is language searchable, has geo-location support and is easy for you and your potential clients to navigate. Have classes to offer? Webinars? How about a product? Have you created your own modality to add to the global shift of Service-to-Others? You are our TRIBE! Create a listing today and join us!


Online Services. Of course. It's 2020.

Quantum Healing can be done in the most quantum of ways; using your computer or even smart phone app! It has always been possible to connect across large distances, but more healers and clients alike are becoming comfortable with the idea now in 2018. I have assisted clients all over the world in this way who either have no means or time to travel or, because of illness or physical limitation, are unable to travel at all. I have created a method that is safe and effective and affordable as well. Contact me to see if you qualify!

More information about In Person Services in Kansas

I have a beautiful, spacious and private Wellness Studio in Augusta Kansas. Located in an historic old brick building with beautiful original appointments, this place is infused with remarkable healing energy has been the backdrop for many miracles.

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Practitioner Support for Quantum Healers of All Kinds

Community. Connection. Support for a variety of Quantum Healing Practitioners of all kinds who already naturally bring all of their gifts and skills to sessions with their clients. No dogma. No censorship.

We invite Quantum Healing Practitioners who offer variety of modalities and services to contact us and see if our Support Forums and Listing services are right for you.

Healers are waking up to new ways of assisting their clients, some have even created their very own methods. Are you offering your own unique energy service? We created our Forums and Directory with you in mind. Other Healers use a variety of skills and modalities and yes, of course many practice strictly as they were taught in ancient traditions and you too are welcome to join our loving community. There is room for all of us to support each other, and learn from each other in a respectful and horizontal way.

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