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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

What exactly is Quantum Healing?

Quantum Healing is accessing your own internal wisdom and healing potential through consciousness exploration with the assistance of a QH facilitator.

Why would anyone seek a Quantum Healing Session?

For any and every reason you could possibly imagine! Common concerns are physical health, emotional concerns, self-worth issues, life path questions, career changes, curiosity about soul origins, missing time or to solve other mysteries.

How does Quantum Healing work?

Quantum Healing has variously been called guided visualization, hypnosis, dreamwork or soul travel. You lay back, relax, close your eyes and enter a deep, daydream-like state that is relevant to your situation. You are able to speak and describe your experience while being assisted by your facilitator. You will be invited to speak to your own Higher Self- that part of you that is the Divine spark and has more wisdom and knowledge about you and your life plan than your more “everyday” or “temporal” self.

What is the difference between an in-person session verses an online session?

Actually very little is different at all. The most important consideration between choosing between an in-person and an online session is your background and comfort level.

What kind of client may not qualify for an online session?

Everyone’s situation is different, so it is best to email about your own background, but in general, if you have profound fears, have suffered extensive or ritualistic abuse or severe trauma, or have lived in a war-zone, an in-person session may be a better option for you than one conducted online. Some people are simply more comfortable in the same physical space with their practitioner.

What kind of outcome can I expect after a Quantum Healing session?

The outcome is vastly variable. Some clients experience jaw-dropping, miraculous, instantaneous healings or profound revelations, while others might find the session less impactful initially but recognize its value later. Outcomes can include remission from terminal illnesses, restoration of hearing, reversal of birth defects, memory reclamation, marital reconciliation, and more. The possibilities are endless and are limited only by convention or belief systems.

I would like my mate or family member to observe, is this possible?

No, it is not recommended for a variety of reasons and only in the most rare of circumstances would it ever be appropriate. Having a family member nearby in another room is acceptable.

Is it possible to lose control of my mind in a Session?

No one can control your mind unless you let them! At no point during your session will you lose control of what is happening. Your subconscious mind will automatically reject anything that it deems unacceptable.

Can a session be dangerous in any way?

Hypnosis is very safe and is in fact a state of hyper-awareness. Anytime there is an emergency, a person would naturally be able to come out of the Hypnotic state by simply opening their eyes or sitting up.

What are the rates for your Services?

  • Consultation/Intuitive Rate: 121USD per hour.
  • Quantum Connect Session (BQH mini): 111USD.
  • Online/Remote Beyond Quantum Healing (BQH Regression Session): 750USD (+ service charge fee).
  • In-Person Beyond Quantum Healing (BQH) or QHHT® Session in Kansas Wellness Studio: 750USD (+ service charge fee).
  • Email for questions or additional details.

Do I need any prior knowledge or training, hypnosis or otherwise, to take this course?

No, you need only have an open heart and the desire to help others. The course is designed both for the brand-new practitioner and as a supplement to the experienced practitioner who can use this method as a framework to integrate all their skills and tools.

Is BQH a hypnosis course?

Not in the classic sense, although elements of hypnosis are used. You will learn to take your client to a relaxed state where they can communicate with their Higher Selves. It is considered a consciousness exploration and spiritual regression method that can help clients in numerous ways.

I heard about BQH and QHHT® at the same time, do I need to take QHHT first?

You do not. They are two completely different methods, and you should follow your heart on which to take first if you want to take both. BQH is an energetically focused foundation method that allows integration of all your skills, including remote client assistance. QHHT® is a strict methodology that doesn’t allow the blending of methods and is ‘in person’ only.

I have heard Candace speak most highly of Dolores Cannon. Why create BQH at all?

The world is a much different place now than it was even in the few short years since Dolores transitioned. Many are comfortable connecting with others through technology and have found unique approaches to being of service to others. BQH also honors Dolores’ belief that practitioners should create their own approach.

What about remote sessions, are those okay, will you teach me how to do those?

Remote sessions are not only okay, but they are also amazing! You’ll learn how to conduct sessions remotely. If you and your client are comfortable with basic video sharing, it will be simple. You’ll also learn what to do if a connection is lost or if any other technical problems occur. Some practitioners use the telephone exclusively.

Are there more levels to BQH? How do I continue learning after the course?

There are no additional levels. This method isn’t “money” focused, nor does it promote competition between practitioners. Continuing-education webinars are typically done most months, for no additional cost, and added as supplementals to the course.

I am an experienced practitioner, why should I take your course?

The BQH method is a great framework for blending all of your skills, including practicing remotely. It’s a simple way to ‘formalize’ the integration of other methods while still leaving it wide open to adjustments. BQH also begins at the beginning, addressing basic energetic concepts not addressed by many healing methods.

How long will it take me to complete the course?

Most complete the course within a few weeks, but it’s completely self-paced. You can access the course from any internet-connected device, including your smartphone, and you will continue to have access to all of the content indefinitely.

Do I have to do practice sessions before I start seeing clients? Do I need to send notes?

No, you can start seeing clients whenever you are ready. Arbitrary ‘practice’ rules don’t apply because all practitioners come from different places, skills, and comfort zones. If you want some practice sessions, there is a category on the Support Forum for ‘swap sessions.’

Will I receive a certificate when I complete the class and what happens when I finish the class, how do I get my practice started?

Yes, you will receive a personalized digital certificate of completion. With access to the BQH categories on the Support Forum, you’ll have a community of hundreds of other practitioners to share session stories and ask/offer advice, including getting your practice started. There are webinars on starting your practice as well.

I’m confused. There’s the BQH class and a Forum and a Directory? What’s up with that and how can I try them out to see what I want?

There are 3 separate platforms: the BQH class, a Forum, and a Directory, with work underway to unify them for a single sign-on. You can try them all out to see if they are right for you. The unified platform will allow access to the Forum, Directory, and BQH course from one place.

I’m multilingual, what if I need support and course documents in another language?

As a member of the Support Forum, you may have access to all BQH support materials in any available language at no additional cost. If you have paid for the BQH course, you can access it in any other published language. The Support Forum is also available in several languages, with many categories in languages other than English.

What is is a directory where members of the Quantum Healing Community connect with people seeking quantum healing sessions. It extends the Support Forum’s goal to support practitioners in all areas of their practices.

Why was created? was launched to help clients worldwide find the Alternative and Energy Healing Practitioner best suited to help them. The site offers a platform for practitioners of various healing modalities to share their unique practices and connect with others. It supports independent practitioners without dogma, hidden agendas, or lead fees.

What is the Original Quantum Healing Support Forum?

The Original Quantum Healing Support Forum began in 2008, initially focused on Dolores Cannon’s work and her students. It evolved to include all quantum healing modalities, sharing ideas and discoveries to assist and serve clients in the best ways possible. The Forum now has a new section for all quantum healing members and connects to the Quantum Healing Practitioners Directory, offering global reach without taking fees from client leads.

Why would I want to join your Support Forum when there are so many Free Facebook Support Groups?

The Original Quantum Healing Support Forum offers a private, professional, kind environment with archived and searchable records, providing a unique value. It promotes practitioners and provides a safe, uncensored platform for communication and learning. The Forum celebrates individual choice and freedom and is valuable for practitioners trained in multiple modalities.

I teach some of my own metaphysical, bodywork, or coaching classes, is there any support in your Community for me or my students?

Yes, the Original Quantum Healing Support Forum offers unique support for practitioners who run their own classes. It provides after-class group setting support, document and class material access, and even listing services for newly trained practitioners. The support is tailor-made to the instructor’s needs and can be time-limited as chosen.