My Story

"There's always something wrong with you," My husband said to me as I cried in his shoulder about yet another painful physical issue. Those words stung me terribly, and yet, were completely true. If it wasn't migraines it was fibromyalgia, if it wasn't a bedridden high-risk pregnancy, it was severe allergies, if it wasn't digestion issues it was severe muscle spasms. Nothing was ever "terminal" but each one a  burden to not only my own but also my family's life.

I went to doctors for help. So many doctors, for so many years, for so many tests, evaluations and of course for drugs of every kind you can imagine. The drugs didn't solve any problems and actually never really helped at all and often made things worse. Or much worse.

It was clear I had to do something, anything, differently. I started the search with natural and alternative modalities to try to help myself. It's probably something you have done too, or are starting to do now, which is why you are reading this story.

Reiki healing sessions and subsequent training in this ancient healing art 2000 was my first breakthrough, I finally had an epiphany: Healing wasn't coming from anyone "out there" my healing was going to have to come from within myself. Reiki was a beautiful experience and I continue to use a version of that skill to this very day, but... although it brought me a measure of peace, my pain and problems remained.

I continued on over the years, every day a challenge, but threw away all the drugs and basically practiced reiki on myself every night, imagining a pain-free life.

After a particularly painful "dark night of the soul" where I found myself adrift and alone after cancelling a professional album cover photoshoot for a C&W singer I had carefully planned for many months, something profound happened to me. I had laid there for many hours with a single question going round and round in my head. "What exactly am I supposed to do? Someone, anyone, please just tell me, what am I supposed to do?"

In an instant I literally was transported out of my body and was brought before a group of "light beings" whom I now know to be my own "light council." One being stood up from the group and literally handed me a piece of paper that had a list of 3 things for me to "do."

Each of the things were instrumental in my healing but one of the things on the list remains the one that changed my professional life and continues to drive my passion and purpose. Number 3 was, "Have a past life regression."

Within minutes of that event, pure magic flowed into my life!  I thought at times I was living within a storybook or movie. Within 3 months time I found myself taking a Past Life Regression class in Fayetteville Arkansas with my beautiful late teacher Dolores Cannon and the rest, as they say is history

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