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About Candace

My Story

“There’s always something wrong with you,” My husband said to me as I cried in his shoulder about yet another painful physical issue. Those words stung me terribly, and yet, they were completely true. If it wasn’t migraines it was fibromyalgia, if it wasn’t a second bedridden high-risk pregnancy, it was severe allergies, if it wasn’t digestion issues it was severe muscle spasms. TMJ, hearing loss, bladder issues, pelvic pain and more.

I went to doctors for help. So many doctors, for so many years, for so many tests, evaluations drugs and procedures of which none helped and most made me worse, or actually much worse.

It was clear I had to find another way. Diet, natural herbs, acupuncture. These things didn’t really help, but at least they didn’t make things worse. I kept looking.

Reiki was my way in.  I finally had an epiphany: Healing wasn’t coming from anyone or anything “out there” my healing was going to have to come from within. Reiki was a beautiful and although it did help, my problems remained.

The years went by.

After a particularly painful “dark night of the soul” where I found myself adrift and alone after having to cancel the biggest professional photography shoot of my life because of severe pain, something profound happened to me. I spent hours laying in my bed, with a single question going round and round in my head. “What exactly am I supposed to do? Someone, anyone, please just tell me, what am I supposed to do?”

Suddenly I was transported out of my body and found myself standing before a group of “light beings” One being stood up from the group and handed me a piece of paper that had written upon it, a list of 3 things for me to “do.”

Each of the things were instrumental in my healing but one changed my life completely. Number 3 on the list was, “Have a past life regression.”

And with that, the next 24 hours lined up for me as if I were starring in a fantastical and magical movie. The synchronicities and multiple miraculous gifts that were presented to me after that profound spiritual experience changed absolutely everything. Among the amazing events and surprises bestowed upon me by the universe, was an upcoming class with Dolores Cannon. I didn’t even know who she was, only the day before.

And then a few weeks later as I was climbing into my pickup, Spirit whispered to me that Dolores was going to choose me as her demonstration subject. I was in disbelief. Spirit insisted I believe and not only that but to actually count on it. I argued in my mind the entire 9 hour drive to Arkansas. “Why will she choose me?” Spirit explained it had already been decided, and nothing was going to change that fact.

When Dolores started her 3 day class she set her volunteer sign up sheet out on her desk and invited all in the class who would like to be considered as the demo client to put their name on the notebook.

I did NOT put my name down.

Spirit said, “It won’t matter if you put your name on the list or not, it has already been decided.”  think all but 3 of us in the class signed up, including my very excited classmate/roommate. At the end of the second day of class Dolores stood up from her desk and said, “Well, this is pretty unusual but “They” want me to do the demonstration on someone who did not sign up.” She then walked over to where I was sitting, stopped and looked down at me. “Candace would you consider volunteering?”


I pretty much burst out crying and said yes immediately. I would trust Spirit’s whispers forever more. The session with Dolores was memorable and magical and continues to inform my life. Even now. More than a dozen years later. Numerous events and life situations have come and gone and yet…what I have learned in that session keeps delivering on ever more deep and profound levels.

Within a few months I was working with Dolores, supporting her students on a “Yahoo Group” and after a few years, on a more professional style bulletin board Support Forum, that continues to this day, available through I also started assisting her in her live classes in Arkansas. I created the first few years of practitioner reunions, and I also helped her when she was developing her programs, including her Level 3 certification. I am proud to say I was her very first L3 practitioner.

Not long after Dolores’ passing in 2014, so much changed that I found it necessary to become independent from her heirs. This meant as a quantum healing practitioner and also as a Support Forum and Directory provider.

For a time I continued to practice quantum healing as I had before but after a year or two, Spirit nudged me to trust myself and become more creative and expansive with my clients in session and so I was. I added more intuitive information and guidance, offered energetic healing and alchemical support when guided and began offering sessions online.

Clients were happy and other practitioners asked me to share new approaches. Soon, it became clear that I needed to distill all of this down into a complete new method of my very own. With the feedback and the wisdom and support of hundreds of members of the community, I created BQH, Beyond Quantum Healing.

BQH is defined as consciousness exploration for spiritual growth and self-healing. It is a creative and flexible heart and energy focused method loosely based on a “past life regression” structure. It is actually very much inspired by a quote from my beautiful friend and teacher, Dolores Cannon, where she encourages her students to take the work of quantum “beyond” what even she as a teacher would have considered.

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BQH focuses upon energy, intuition, intention and heart over mechanics, procedures and strict rules. It is the ONLY method in use by healers today of which I am aware that says please modify to your liking and be creative! The only rule is to keep the health and well-being of the client in mind at all times. BQH was created from the ground up for beginners but is also greatly appreciated by experienced healers looking for complete flexibility and creativity.

Clients are reporting fantastic results of connection, healing, and opening up of psychic gifts and multidimensional understanding. Many clients become healers themselves. BQH has really taken off and I could not be more pleased.

We released the ONLINE BQH course July 2017 and there are now several thousand facilitators practicing all across the world and so many of them have already modified the method in fantastically creative ways! The course is available in multiple languages now as well. We are now offering a LIVE BQH IMMERSION experience to BQH practitioners who have completed the online course prerequisite. These gatherings are currently offered in the Wichita Kansas area several times per year.

If you didn’t believe the world was changing before 2020, you probably do believe that now. I see the current year of 2024 being as, or even more impactful than 2020! It is time for Humanity to make a real and palpable shift.

Exploring your consciousness, with meditation, dreams, an intuitive consult or possibly a BQH session will help you find your footing in these volatile and uncertain times. And if you want something a little less time-consuming and intense, you can think about having a quick Quantum Connect session. I have come to absolutely love QC sessions because they are universally appreciated as being fast, fun, and revealing.

Here is what I know for certain: Each of us are more powerful creators and manifesters than we have ever been led to believe! It is time to start living that way. For us. For the world!

If you’d like to support my mission and work you can do so by following this link and Buying me a coffee