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BQH Immersion

Beyond Quantum Healing (BQH) In-Person Immersion Class

Several times a year, I like to host an in-person Immersion class for BQH practitioners in or near Wichita, Kansas.  These are small intimate gatherings typically consisting of 10 practitioners. Each Immersion experience is unique! Focus and topics differ for each new gathering.  Experienced and Beginning BQH Practitioners alike are welcome to attend. There will be lots of learning and plenty of time to practice and swap sessions and so much more.  Let’s connect in real life to share warm hugs, expand our heart fields and explore healing and consciousness in a variety of ways. Repeat the Immersion Experience as often as you like. The only pre-requisite for the course is that you must have already completed the online BQH course.

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BQH Immersion, Augusta, Kansas, 2024

So what are the key differences between the BQH Online course and the BQH Immersion in-person course?

The BQH Online course does a great job of providing the following:

  • The fundamentals of BQH, appropriate for both the beginner who wants the step-by-step process and experienced practitioner who appreciates a framework from which they can modify their practice.
  • A learning platform without restrictions. It’s an online, certificate-rewarding, self-paced course with no expiration…you have access to the course for as long as we’re around and can access it as much as you want from anywhere in the world.
  • An affordable experience, available in 6 languages, with a Support Forum made up of a huge energy practitioner Community to provide a place for asking/answering questions, sharing session stories and swapping sessions with other practitioners for practice.

The BQH Immersion in-person course does a great job of providing these additional things:

  • An opportunity for those practitioners who best learn by ‘doing.’ It’s a 4-day immersive experience focused upon actual exploration, practice, conversations, sharing and co-creating with others who share an interest and passion for this healing work.
  • Discover new approaches
  • Get practical and individual after-BQH class support because you’ve already learned the academic in the online class.
  • You will observe, conduct and experience several types of hands-on sessions to help bolster your skills and confidence.
  • Sessions will be monitored by me (and usually a couple of other highly experienced practitioners) who can give you additional guidance. A truly Immersive experience.
  • An opportunity to personally and directly benefit from the energetic healing space created.
  • Manifest the professional connections to benefit your healing practice going forward
  • Connect or Reconnect with colleagues and friends from all around the world!
Heart Shaped Splash

The BQH Freedom Principles:

  • You will be Free to modify the scripts and procedures to accommodate your desires and your clients’ needs
  • You will be Free to operate remotely via telephone or computer if that’s what’s in the best interest of your clients
  • You will be Free from dogma, strict compliance to scripts, levels, internships, price restrictions and other mandates
  • You will be Free to mix modalities and use your own energy to the benefit of your clients
  • You will be Free to be the Practitioner you were always meant to be!

So why did I create an Immersion in-person class and what will the week entail?

After teaching a basic in-person BQH class the past few years, I’ve come to believe there are those practitioners that just need the ‘in-person’ experience to be the best practitioner they can be.  As good as the online class is, for some it’s just not enough. And what I have also found is some of the MOST experienced and well known BQH and QHHT practitioners have shown up to gather with their peers. The Immersion Experience is all about ‘hands on, immersive’ work… it’s about practicing your skills along with plenty of other activities, surprises, experimentation, Q&A, storytelling, open discussions and explorations. There’s also great food, fun and down time after class with new friends!

We start the week with a Meet & Greet on the Sunday late afternoon before the start of class Monday morning so we can get to know each other a little bit. Class starts Monday morning and runs through Thursday late afternoon. On Fridays, we like to head out to our farm from about 10-2 (weather permitting) for a brunch and casual wrap-up to the week. The photo pictured is an actual image from our southern hay field. There are lots of animals, walking trails, prolific woods, several ponds, a creek and an energy portal where we have experienced great and wonderful cosmic events, and which is also a great place to meditate. This day is of course optional, and somewhat weather dependent, but every class for the last few years has loved it, so we highly recommend you stick around to de-compress from a high-energy week before heading home.

Class starts each day early at 8AM and runs until about 5:30. The days will be a mix of some high-level refresher academics, context-oriented storytelling, open Q&A plus lots of practical experience and creative exercises of a variety of types.  Given the nature of this course and the experience level of the students, we will be fluid and adjust each day based on the needs, desires and interests of the group in attendance. You’ll be split up into groups (typically of 3, but sometimes just 2) and I, and usually a few other very experienced practitioners who show up to help and offer guidance for each group so everyone can facilitate and receive sessions during the week.

Currently the Immersion Class is only and exclusively held in right here in Kansas, and only in comfortable quiet spaces where we can really relax! Next up for the class in October 2024 – Candace’s childhood home. This 1950’s ranch style home is located on 4 tree lined acres on the East Side of Wichita, Kansas. A place of many supernormal experiences for many decades, this is a powerful energetic space to hold a consciousness exploration event! The Kitchen will be busy, every day we set up and serve fresh, delicious and organic food for our lunches.

Several choices of Hotel accomodations are nearby in Andover and East Wichita and of course other nearby Air BnB’s are also always an option.