Beyond Quantum Healing (BQH) In-Person Immersion Class

Several times a year, I like to host an in-person Immersion class for BQH practitioners at my wellness studio in Augusta, Kansas.  There's seats for 12 consciousness explorers per class. Let's co-create the captivating experiences you can't wait to share! The only pre-requisite for the course is that you must have already completed the online BQH course. 

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So what are the key differences between the BQH Online course and the BQH Immersion in-person course?

The BQH Online course does a great job of providing the following:

  • The fundamentals of BQH, appropriate for both the beginner who wants the step-by-step process and experienced practitioner who appreciates a framework from which they can modify their practice.
  • A learning platform without restrictions. It’s an online, certificate-rewarding, self-paced course with no expiration…you have access to the course for as long as we’re around and can access it as much as you want from anywhere in the world.
  • An affordable experience, available in 6 languages, with a Support Forum made up of a huge energy practitioner Community to provide a place for asking/answering questions, sharing session stories and swapping sessions with other practitioners for practice.

The BQH Immersion in-person course does a great job of providing these additional things:

  • An opportunity for those practitioners who best learn by ‘doing.’ It’s a 4-day immersive experience focused more on the practical than the academic, because you’ve already learned the academic in the online class.
  • You will observe, conduct and experience several hands-on sessions to help bolster your skills and confidence. These sessions will be monitored by me and usually a couple of other highly experienced practitioners who can give you additional guidance. A truly Immersive experience.
  • An opportunity to experience and benefit from the energy sharing that happens in this kind of gathering. The camaraderie, excitement and connections formed are palpable…the air is just buzzing with energy.

The BQH Freedom Principles:

  • You will be Free to modify the scripts to accommodate your desires and your clients’ needs
  • You will be Free to operate remotely if that’s what’s in the best interest of your clients
  • You will be Free from dogma, strict compliance to scripts, levels, internships, price restrictions and other mandates
  • You will be Free to mix modalities and use your own energy to the benefit of your clients
  • You will be Free to be the Practitioner you were always meant to be
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So why did I create an Immersion in-person class and what will the week entail?

After teaching a basic in-person BQH class the past 3 years, I’ve come to believe there are those practitioners that just need the ‘in-person’ experience to be the best practitioner they can be.  As good as the online class is, for some it’s just not enough. The Immersion class is all about ‘hands on, immersive’ work…but it’s also about practicing your skills along with plenty of time for Q&A, storytelling and open discussions.

We start the week with a Meet & Greet on the Sunday late afternoon before the start of class Monday morning so we can get to know each other a little bit. Class starts Monday morning and runs through Thursday late afternoon. On Fridays, we like to head out to our farm from about 10-2 (weather permitting) for a brunch and casual wrap-up to the week. There are lots of animals, walking trails, several ponds and a creek and an energy portal where we have experienced some wild things, and which is also a great place to meditate. This day is of course optional, but every class has loved it, so we highly recommend you stick around to de-compress from a high-energy week before heading home.

Class starts each day early at 8AM and runs until about 5:30. The days will be a mix of some high-level refresher academics, context-oriented storytelling, open Q&A plus lots of practical experience.  Given the nature of this course and the experience level of the students, we will be fluid and adjust each day based on the needs of the group. You’ll be split up into groups of 3 and I, and usually a few other very experienced practitioners who show up to help and offer guidance for each group.

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Location/Travel Info:

Our little town of Augusta, KS is about 30 minutes east of the Wichita’s Dwight D. Eisenhower National Airport. Taxi’s, rental cars and Uber/Lyfts are available. There is a relatively new Comfort Inn and Suites about ½ mile from the studio, but most students stay at one of the AirBnB’s in Augusta. There are 3 apartments directly above my studio and two directly across the street that get scooped up quickly but there are more in town if you find those not available. I do like to note that there are frequent trains in our little town with a track about ¼ mile from the studio.  They do toot their horn at one railroad crossing about ½ mile away. Most students have loved the sound, but a few haven’t so I like to mention it.

Meals: We provide snacks/drinks all day long during class as well as lunch each day and can accommodate most dietary restrictions.  Breakfast can be a bit of a struggle if you like to eat out, but each AirBnB has its own mini-kitchen and the local grocery stores have a decent selection of the healthy/organic food that most students prefer. Supper is easier as there are several good options in Augusta and lots of choices 20 minutes away in east Wichita.

Some FAQs answered below: