Beyond Quantum Healing


“Beyond what exactly?"

Beyond everything, really.

Beyond traditional “past life regression”.

Beyond step-by-step hypnosis or formulaic procedures.

Beyond mechanics straight to the heart.

BQH is heart-based and focuses upon a creative, energetic approach to assist clients in self-healing.

Simply put, humans are different now than they were just a handful of years ago. Our bodies, our sense of time, our intuition, our energy and the very way we move through the world is completely different today than just it was even a few months ago!

BQH sessions are heart-based, open-minded and open-ended and above all, flexible.

Alchemical processes, energy alignments and intention decrees precede bringing the client into a relaxed state to explore consciousness. Any concern one might have can benefit from BQH, be it physical, emotional or spiritual.

Profound change is possible and the possibilities are limitless.

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But, what does limitless really mean?

In my many years of facilitating what is now thousands of sessions, I found that process matters less than connection, and that rigid process leaves some clients unhelped.

The exact steps in a session that work for one client might not be what another needs, and I believe a practitioner should not be limited in helping a client because of a process. I also believe that a practitioner should be able to use all of their skills and all of the tools in their toolbox.

Beyond Quantum Healing is a framework that allows for maximum flexibility. For example, feel free to incorporate Reiki , sound healing or even medical mediumship. Modify or alter scripts or change up the order of steps. BQH says as long as you keep the health, safety and well-being of your client in mind, be as creative as the creator-being you are!

Beyond Quantum Healing is quantum healing without limitations.

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