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Me On Tree

Squirrel Highways and Bird Flyways

The trees. They have been speaking. Now, this is nothing terribly new, its only that have most recently raised their voices. That, and we humans are able to hear them more clearly. If that is what we desire. I’ve long been accustomed to the communication of animals, both wild and domestic, and oftentimes I have… Read more »

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Prairie Rattler Small

When Will Things Change?

Hi Dolores. Its cleaning day- there are many chores to be done. You can listen as you go about your business. -Okay. Your energy field is becoming more finely tuned. This has many benefits for your life and your work, but it also means your body vehicle, in its partnership with you, has become even… Read more »

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Dolores and the Round Hotel – Mama’s Memories

For her 73rd birthday, in the year 2000, I bought my mother a large and beautiful leather bound, gilt edged book called “The Story of a Lifetime. A Keepsake of Personal Memoirs.” It was, it is, a lovely, heavy book that has satin burgundy endpaper and golden ribbon bookmarks. She thought it lovely. She also,… Read more »

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Blue Sea

Masaru Emoto “You are a Waterworker.”

A channeled message by Candace Craw-Goldman Greetings. (polite bow) Many of you call yourself lightworkers. And you are that indeed. Would it surprise you to hear me suggest that you are also “waterworkers?” The powerful forces flowing through your world, your life, your reality, your bodies affect all elements and all systems and in particular… Read more »

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