Dolores and the Round Hotel. Part 2

Dance Of Sacred Geometry

I found myself back in the Round Hotel. I was in a large meeting room of sorts. There were a few other people there as well.

Everyone in the room, except for me, was sitting in a circle, on simple metal folding chairs. I was sitting in the middle of the circle, on the old blue and brown suitcases. Dolores was there too, and still presenting as the extra large Dolores from the previous dream. She was sitting on one of the metal chairs as well, but she barely fit the seat.

The group seemed to be just gathering and readying ourselves for something. The man sitting directly in front of me began to speak. I was reading his energy more than listening to his words, as I found him a curious sort. He seemed both self-satisfied and and a bit nervous as he chatted away. He was mostly trying to get Dolores’ attention and he was asking her something about her own emotions. I wasn’t sure yet what exactly was going on in the meeting, but his question to Dolores had me narrow my eyes a bit in annoyance. I wasn’t sure that was an appropriate question even though I still wasn’t sure what was going on.

Dolores took a breath and faintly smiled at the man, then neatly but gently dismissing his line of inquiry. “We are not going to talk about that right now.” My attitude toward the man softened a bit as I watched him fold his hands and become still. It was at that moment that I realized the others had their bags or suitcases with them as well.

I wondered what we were going to talk about. What was going on here?

Dolores took command of the room as she always does. Simply by looking around holding the fingers of her hands together, and using her energy to do so,

“Things are different now.” She began. “The energy has been and is expanding.” She looked at each of us directly. “That means that Communication itself expanding too. And that is why you are here. We are going to talk a little bit about how the Communication is expanding and how you can make use of that.”

With that introductory statement I felt the room become brighter. A large column of golden white light began to slowly descend upon the circle of chairs. I could see geometric forms, sparkles, light language, mathematical symbols, and holographic images embedded within. I sensed a second, larger, yet similar encompassing light passing down the entire structure of the Round Hotel.

golden sacred geometry

I turned my attention to Dolores and the others in the circle. The others were taking it all in with wide-eyes. This was a very visible and physical “download.”

The energy and information offered and or transferred to us here was like most downloads I have experienced before in dreams and in other realms. That is, so much seems beyond or even impossible to translate into words or verbal concepts. Yet some revelations or information can be condensed or expressed in that way. (I am certain that is the reason why I have and am sharing these dreams!)

Communication. Communication with a capital “C.” The light continued to slowly come down and illuminate everything.

I suddenly became aware of another presence in the room. There was a man laying on a cot outside of the circle. His head was nearer to the group than his feet, he was covered with a simple cotton blanket and too far from me to notice much else.

Yet I knew instantly this was my grandfather.

The energy was that of a deeply sleeping man. Dolores said he was ready to communicate? I was a bit confused. I looked at Dolores directly. She was looking at me evenly with one hand under her chin, in the way she always did when on stage. A slow smile began to grow upon her face and with a twinkle in her eye she first looked around the room and then directly at me and asked:

“Ready to be part of another demonstration?” I understood, as did we all, this was something of a “group project.”

She emphasized “another” in an undeniable and wonderful way- one that communicated full acknowledgement of “past” demonstrations, “current” demonstrations and future ones as well.

I smiled broadly at her and raised my eyebrows and looked around at the smiling faces. No words were necessary. Of course I was ready. And eager. And excited.

Dolores took a deep breath in and let it out and shifted the energy in the room. “First,” She said, “Some preparation. A solid foundation is in order.”

And with that, the dream ended.

As I write this today, the third and next dream has already taken place! And when my schedule allows I will write part 3. Stay tuned!

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