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Monk Mirror Dolores Yt Thumb

The Monk, the Mirror, and Dolores Cannon

I am still integrating the intense energy transmission and information downloads provided during this tandem BQH Session! Attendees and observers, and even those who have watched the recording after the event had ended have also reported huge energy influxes and radical consciousness shifts. Here is just one observation from good friend and practitioner Donna McMurtry-… Read more »

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Dad Comes Home To The Farm 2020

Daddy’s Request

(Part 1 of a series) 2023 is nearly upon us. So much has happened, so much has changed in the last 3 years for us all. For me personally, and for my husband and family, bringing dad home to have him live with us here at the farm tops our list. He may have eventually… Read more »

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Will Brown Mid Water Channel Snap

Water Alchemy and BQH Immersion

Oh my goodness was this channeling session AMAZING! (TLDR- this channeling is for my upcoming Immersion class only. Channel William Brown along with his wonderful wife Allison Brown teamed up to assist me in connecting to the Element of water this afternoon to provide *exclusive* content and communications for the upcoming BQH IMMERSION live and… Read more »

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Dolores Debriefs my BQH (Beyond Quantum Healing) Session

Looking Deeper – A “Failed-Successful” BQH (Beyond Quantum Healing) Session. This is channeled information given by Dolores Cannon to Candace Craw-Goldman regarding a session that seemed to only disappoint the client.  Dolores Cannon was and is known for communicating with her “students,” in Quantum Healing sessions, dreams, meditations signs and more. She actually began this… Read more »

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Dolores Cannon: Working harder than ever

Today is October 18, 2016. Dolores Cannon has been gone from the physical earth plane for exactly two years. So much has changed in those two years! The world has changed. Humanity certainly has changed. Dolores Cannon’s students and practitioners and clients have changed and Dolores’ method of, and a client’s experience of, Quantum Healing… Read more »

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