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Note From Daddy

Daddy’s Request Part 4 of 4.

Dad’s days are very simple and basic and primarily center around getting him fed/clean and comfortable. At 92, he still walks every day unless the old ankle gives him fits, and he plays multiple games of scrabble on the big giant board typically with the caregivers in attendance. He still likes crossword puzzles, so attempts… Read more »

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Dad Oysters July 2020

Daddy’s Request Part 2

(Part two of a series.) Daily life changes with Daddy at the farm One of the first realizations I had the day after bringing Daddy home to the farm to live was that feeding him was going to be a lot easier. Instead of being 26 miles away he was right there in the living… Read more »

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Dad Comes Home To The Farm 2020

Daddy’s Request

(Part 1 of a series) 2023 is nearly upon us. So much has happened, so much has changed in the last 3 years for us all. For me personally, and for my husband and family, bringing dad home to have him live with us here at the farm tops our list. He may have eventually… Read more »

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