Water Alchemy and BQH Immersion

Oh my goodness was this channeling session AMAZING! (TLDR- this channeling is for my upcoming Immersion class only. đŸ™‚

Channel William Brown along with his wonderful wife Allison Brown teamed up to assist me in connecting to the Element of water this afternoon to provide *exclusive* content and communications for the upcoming BQH IMMERSION live and in person course where we will focus on the component of Beyond Quantum Healing we call Water Alchemy.

I snapped an iPhone photo mid-channeling with a big ole grin on my face, I was just so excited about all of what we were learning about water.

The channeling lasted nearly an hour and a half and was jam packed with information from water’s creation to its history to its place in the cosmos to acknowledging water researchers, to discussions on science and the newer ideas about the structure of water, to Dr. Gerald Pollock’s 4th phase of water work to Veda Austin’s hydroglyphs to Masaru Emoto’s seminal crystal photography work.

We learned exactly how the water on earth differs from water anywhere else! What?! All of that and more was revealed. Seriously wonderful stuff. I am still grinning many hours later.

We also were given advice on how to co-create and partner with water as Beyond Quantum Healing Practitioners for the benefit of our clients, our selves and consciousness in general. The June BQH Immersion course will showcase this water element channeling along with associated “hands on” water alchemical consciousness expansion activities including BQH sessions and opportunities to capture crystalography creation photographs.

At the time of publication of this blog, there are 3 seats remaining in the 12 person limit course which begins June 19. The only prerequisite to this Immersion Course is to have completed the online BQH material. No session experience is needed. You can have a thousand sessions under your belt or zero, but you do need to have been through the course to join us. There is still time to start and complete that course. Not much time, but there are still 2 weeks till the meet and greet here in the Wichita Kansas area.

Head over to quantumhealers.com/bqh to learn more. See you soon!


  1. Amber on June 10, 2022 at 9:46 am

    This is exciting. I didn’t know about this when I signed up, so this is a treat. I have always loved water so much, from when I was a kid and we got a pool and I spent all of my time in it. I lifeguarded for a few summers when I got older. I had a pool with my first house and I actually used it! After I woke up, I started blessing my food and water, and I’ll say “I love you” and maybe blow some kisses to it as its pours into my big container. I get silly and have fun but there’s a lot of feeling with it, because I really do love that water. Then I run my hand over it and imagine a rainbow shooting down into it. Having fun with it keeps it fresh, and I have a feeling that the water has a sense of humor, so it enjoys it as well.