The BQH Immersion Class Experience

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Inspired by the many quantum healers who have gathered here in the Heartland of the US during this time of the great change, the BQH Immersion Class highlights the value and benefits of an in-person experience for a small group of consciousness explorers.

The connections made, the soul tribes reunited, the healing offered and the expansion of consciousness gained occur with each group of people who make the decision to just show up.

This is no ordinary class, not even for healers.

My wellness studio, located in a refurbished (1800’s) building in the red brick district of the small town of Augusta, Kansas contains the energy of many years of miraculous healings, profound self-realizations and jaw dropping super-normal experiences. Numerous bed and breakfast rooms, some of which are located right in the same building are available not only for accommodation, but for session swaps and practice.

We’ll spend four days in this space, solidifying the process, answering questions, practicing and exploring together. Each immersion class has a distinctive focus with interactive and  engaging activities so every gathering is unique.

The only prerequisite is completion of the BQH online course academic material. You need not have ever had a session yourself, nor even facilitated one to sign up. You can also be a long-time quantum healer – As a matter of fact, a number of our most beloved, and most experienced practitioners have felt called to come and join us here for the Immersion experience.

Day 5, optional but highly recommended, we take to the countryside, and gather at our special place on the prairie, Atira Moon Farm. Our energy portal, expansive walking trails, gardens, ponds, and farm animals make for a lovely backdrop as we spend a few last, casual hours together before participants return home.

I’m happy to connect and answer any questions you might have about the upcoming Immersion class just shoot me an email at [email protected] or send a text to 5128446377 and I will get back to you as soon as I can. There are only 12 available seats for the June 19-24, 2022 class. We currently have 4 available seats (as of May 27)

Click the following link to take you to registration.

We’d really love to have you join us. Talk to you soon.