Dolores Cannon: Working harder than ever

Today is October 18, 2016. Dolores Cannon has been gone from the physical earth plane for exactly two years.

So much has changed in those two years! The world has changed. Humanity certainly has changed. Dolores Cannon’s students and practitioners and clients have changed and Dolores’ method of, and a client’s experience of, Quantum Healing has changed right along with all of it.

And how could it not?

Dolores often spoke in her classes and lectures about how she was “spoon fed” her understandings and information. “You don’t give a baby a steak,” she used to say. You start small. She used to call herself a reporter of lost knowledge and called her method of consciousness exploration “past life regression.” Dolores Cannon’s Method of Past Life Regression was what her class was called even in 2008 when I personally had the honor and pleasure of learning from, and beginning to work with the great lady herself.

But not long after that it was decided to call it Quantum Healing Hypnosis. Dolores changed the name because “past lives” became only one of many experiences explored during a hypnosis session. Known under a variety of names and initials it remains Dolores Cannon’s method of Quantum Healing nonetheless, the very essence of which, is the exploration new worlds, new methods of healing, new realms and new ways of thinking about: Absolutely. Everything.

So as time marched on from the earliest years of exploration, and the decades went by Dolores wrote book after book after book; the information became more complex, more fantastic, more jaw-dropping, every single year. As her mind and her belief system expanded she kept her followers, her fans, and her students right along with her.

Dolores used to say, even in 2014, that “They” said she had so much more work to do, that she would be able to continue that work for a long time to come. We all naturally assumed that meant a life that went well beyond 84 years. Dolores assumed that as well. It came as a surprise to us all and I have to imagine, to Dolores herself when she found herself suddenly beyond the veil.

But the amazing thing is, she wasn’t done exploring and teaching yet.

News of her death came hard to many. Her family, of course would never be the same, her friends and students were heartbroken, even and maybe even especially hard hit were her admirers across the world who did not know her personally. You see, Dolores embodied a kind of universal magic and connection to just about everyone who listened to her stories, lectures and tales of the extraordinary. People from all over the planet made direct and very personal connections to her after reading her words or listening to her many videos or interviews. A great number of these people felt that someone, was finally making some sense of it all. All of life’s greatest mysteries, so many of the “holes” in religious doctrine, a great many of the questions every thinking human has pondered at some point in their lives seemed to be answered, at least in part, by the work and exploration, of Dolores Cannon.

It seemed somewhat quiet for Quantum Healing Practitioners after her death. We could listen to videos, or re-read her words, but the voice of our Dolores was quiet. It was gone.

Until it wasn’t.

It didn’t happen right away, but in the months following Dolores’ death her Original Support Forum for Practitioners of her method began to share stories of Dolores “popping into” hypnosis sessions of clients and offering very specific, sometimes very profound and relevant advice. We began to share dreams where Dolores appeared, somewhat younger, but never young, and teach us lessons or give specific advice to clients or practitioners themselves. She appeared in meditations, in synchronicities, in visits from red birds, in “daydreams” in mysterious text messages, and then, amazingly enough- into the thoughts and minds and dreams of some people who didn’t even know who Dolores Cannon was!


I and other practitioners have received numerous communications from people who have suddenly been told, by Dolores herself, to have a Quantum Healing session or to look up information about her. Often these people have not the slightest clue what Quantum Healing is, or even understand the basic concept of “past life regression.” They sure don’t know who Dolores Cannon is, but her message to them is so magical, so powerful and so incredible…they go to the internet and find us, her Dedicated Practitioners.

Most of these conversations start something like this, “Hello, I know this is going to sound crazy, but….” And here is the kicker. These calls and emails are increasing since her passing. Especially lately!

I personally first started really hearing Dolores in my head long before she died. I would talk to other practitioners and Dolores herself about this phenomenon. It was comforting and supportive to have our teacher in sessions with us. Often she would make suggestions or give support. And yes, she would shout a bit too if she felt it was necessary. And she was always very direct. Dolores was tickled at this when we gathered in classrooms to tell her about her voice appearing in our minds but after the grins we would seriously speak about the connection of consciousness of the master teacher to her students, and then, the students connections between each other. What a wonderful circle of connection.

We are hearing Dolores more clearly with each passing day. And those that make it their business to communicate beyond the veil are hearing her as well. Interestingly, we have been able to actually ‘validate’ a variety of her communications by using a similar method she herself used to validate she was speaking with the authentic Nostradamus. She is laughing about that even now, saying “See, I told you it was me!”

Dolores was famous for saying, “When I die I am never going to let anyone channel me!” She would say it with such conviction. I have zero doubt that she meant what she said.

Until she changed her mind about that, too.

Months after her death I began to silently ask her about all manner of things happening in my life, work, sessions, and even events in my own family life. She began to answer me in her distinctive voice. In my head. Over and over I would question the authenticity of the communication. “Dolores, you said you would never let anyone ever channel you!”

“You are not channeling me. You are listening to me.” She insisted there was a difference and there really is. Trans channeling is indeed, listening. Trance channeling is more what one normally thinks about when the human who is speaking has their personality completely step aside to allow another to control their voice and even bodily movements. Dolores has apparently kept to her word about trance channeling, but she is talking to 3D living humans of all kinds using dreams, meditation and trans channeling and of course, appearing in Quantum Healing sessions. And it is important to note that this kind of listening is getting easier for all humans! Dolores has even told us, “Its as easy as using the telephone!”


Much of the information coming from Dolores is very new. Of course it would be new! She is still learning and expanding. She has a brand new perspective and access to knowledge not commonly available to incarnate human beings. She is still teaching us, sometimes in general ways but often providing us very specific, expansive and adaptive suggestions to her own method of Quantum Healing.

While it’s been two years since her ‘passing’, Dolores is working harder than ever.. She’s pulled in others from her side of the veil to help, too. (Masaru Emoto, Nikola Tesla, Albert Einstein, and recently, Michael Newton!) It’s fun and utterly fascinating work but she admonishes us to hurry and catch up as there’s lots of work to do and people to help…sounds just like her, doesn’t it? ☺

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