The Monk, the Mirror, and Dolores Cannon

I am still integrating the intense energy transmission and information downloads provided during this tandem BQH Session!

Attendees and observers, and even those who have watched the recording after the event had ended have also reported huge energy influxes and radical consciousness shifts. Here is just one observation from good friend and practitioner Donna McMurtry- She and sister Diana Adair were helping to moderate the Zoom webinar.

Diana and I were feeling incredible amounts of energy coming through you Candace, during this. Really noticed that it multiplied while you were speaking; just giant waves that didn’t seem to have anything to do with what you were saying but simply riding through and out on the sounds. I agree with Will, it was one of the most massive energy transmissions I have ever experienced. More energy even than the session with you and Pamela, though it was similar in frequency to what was transmitted in that session via your laughter and movements. But a lot more. 

Will’s channeling of explanations and experiences was fun. It was pretty clear that the session wasn’t about a “story” or happenings but rather a huge transmission of transformative energy. Will and Allison, Christina, Dennis and Tom’s physical presence holding the field was probably integral to the amount of energy coming through your body and voice.

That energy was/is direct-able energy, available to all who connect or participate with it. As we advised the live viewers, this energy can be directed by each person to where-ever it’s needed in their body or life.

I do encourage everyone to make time and watch it. It is medicine.


  1. Mary on July 13, 2023 at 7:59 am

    Sounds AMAZING! Where can I find the recording? Thank you! Mary