Dolores Debriefs my BQH (Beyond Quantum Healing) Session

Looking Deeper – A “Failed-Successful” BQH (Beyond Quantum Healing) Session.

This is channeled information given by Dolores Cannon to Candace Craw-Goldman regarding a session that seemed to only disappoint the client.  Dolores Cannon was and is known for communicating with her “students,” in Quantum Healing sessions, dreams, meditations signs and more. She actually began this type of communication before she left the earth plane. We talked about that directly in her classes. This pleased and amused her to no end and those of use who practice QHHT® or BQH or other forms of Quantum Healing have found her communication to us only become stronger in the years since her passing.

D-The best word to use in describing your entire session is the word – “Disconnect.” It describes everything. But I have another word for you that describes the session just as well and that word is “Successful!” And yes, I know you will have questions.

C-You know I do. The client would have used the word “Failed.” I am also going to write this up as we chat so we can share it with others, both practitioners and potential clients of Quantum Healing so let’s give a little bit of background on the session.

D-Okay. So you had a woman interested in a session who had some physical issues, yes, but her primary goal was to discover “absolute truth.” She had been given conflicting information over the years by a number of alternative practitioners and wanted to strip away any filters or bias and speak to her Higher Self and find out what was “true.”

C-It was a pretty straightforward and standard reason to have a session. And she easily and with detail began describing not one but two other lifetimes within her experience. One seemed to be either off-planet or a parallel existence, and another was a straightforward past-life family scene. The first one in particular was detailed, specific with big accessible emotions.

D-And then, you contacted, or tried to contact the Higher Self.


D-And then she simply remained silent after that.

C-Yes. No matter how I asked or what technique I tried – she simply stopped talking to me.

D-But you were watching her very closely.

C-I was.

D-She was definitely in a very deep trance.

C-She most certainly was. She had REM movements (as in deep dreaming sleep) and her breathing slowed considerably. She was so deep and relaxed. I actually thought it might be one of the very rare clients who actually fall asleep for a short time in the session.

D-She wasn’t asleep.

C-Well I certainly did not think so.

D-Let me try to describe to you what happened here because I don’t think either of you quite understood what did happen. She was, and you were as her facilitator brilliantly successful in stripping away human filters and bias to allow her to experience and stand in the place where pure soul information was available! It was right there. She was right there.

C-Well I do hope you can illuminate a bit more about what happened. All I know is that she was extremely disappointed and I was a little surprised at her reaction.

D-Another example of a disconnect, wouldn’t you say? What if I told you that her entire purpose for having this session was to explore, examine and accept this disconnection? That she has been working on this concept of disconnecting from her true self and power lifetime after lifetime? That she has stood in front of her counsel and Higher Self over and over again working on this issue? That she wanted to, and in fact created yet another experience for her to experience being disconnected?

C-Well I do believe that. The thing is, she did not want to accept any part of her session! Even the two other “lives” she visited. One in particular was most vivid and beautiful. She dismissed them fully and completely, claiming she was not hypnotized and was fabricating the whole thing. Even after all that time that I talked to her about accessing her imagination as the language of her Higher Self, she denied it all. Every bit of it. Dolores even after a decade of doing regression work its still not much fun to have a client like this.

D-I know. And you know I had them too. But from my perspective I can see some things about this experience that neither of you could see. Positive things!

C-Please explain.

D-So during the portion of the session where you were speaking to, or trying to speak to the Higher Self, I want to describe what your client was experiencing internally. She simply found herself floating- within the void- a dark velvety but warm place, all by herself in silence.

In this place of absolute and warm and inviting pure silence – she was directly connected to her true essence. She was right there where every answer to every question she would ever want to ask herself, would be answered. She was incredibly deep and connected. She was there. Fully. She was with herself. She could not have been more connected. She could not have been more relaxed.

C-So then what happened?

D-She still did not allow herself to initiate the two-way communication to start the information flow but she was absolutely connected to it! Even in this place, at the point of powerful connection, a great part of her was looking for outside authority. She wanted some other more powerful voice or some other powerful energy or some being outside of herself to provide the answers and information she was seeking.

This is powerful human programming begun so early in life that it seems completely normal. She simply, still, was not, and is not, ready to believe that she is a powerful, creative and complete being. Not even while being immersed in the powerful and creative and complete energy of her true self.

C-Dolores it almost sounds like a “stand-off.”

D-I suppose it does seem a little like that. But I want you to realize that she was successful!

C-In what way?

D- She has been working on this for so many lifetimes, but not yet had she experienced this pure state of herself and still chose disconnection and powerlessness. One way of looking at this is this: She’s gone just about as far as one can go in being connected and yet still choosing to remain disconnected! Perhaps the next time she will choose, or allow herself to communicate and benefit. Basically her life’s goal was to choose disconnection at every opportunity to exhaust the experience fully. So that is why this was a wonderfully successful session!

C-Oh wow. I don’t think her conscious mind would much care for your analysis though.

D-Perhaps not, but that would be because it comes from a limited human perspective.

D-Thanks for providing another way of looking at it Dolores.

End of Channeled conversation.

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