You are NOT Channeling Dolores Cannon

The spiritual community is abuzz.

People are coming out of the woodwork claiming to talk to, listen to and channel the great Dolores Cannon. People who didn’t know her, people who did not work with her, people who know nothing about Quantum Healing. Some are well known channels, some are not so well known. Some people who have never even thought of past life regressions or after death communication are coming forward with stories and tales of talking to Dolores Cannon.

“No way you are channeling Dolores Cannon! No way.” Those were my first thoughts and my instant very protective and defensive reaction to my teacher, my mentor, my friend, when all of this started several months ago.

In a previous article I wrote the following;

Dolores was famous for saying, “When I die I am never going to let anyone channel me!”

She would say it with such conviction. I have zero doubt that she meant what she said. She absolutely meant every word. And anyone who ever knew Dolores Cannon knew how strong, or how stubborn, she could be. If she said she wasn’t going to let anyone channel her then she wasn’t going to and that was that! No one on the planet believed that more than I did.

Those of us practicing Quantum Healing, and those in her Original Support Forum Community continued on with her work in the months, and now years, following her death, often hearing Dolores in our heads or sometimes in sessions or in the occasional interesting story from the public. We accepted this as a normal part of our work. Dolores Cannon herself paved the way in communicating with other beings in other times and other realms. It was considered “normal” in our less than conventional day-to-day world to be able to talk to any number of characters and entities including Dolores herself. We even have a special category in our Forum called, “Messages from Dolores.” It’s filled with lovely snippets, dreams, session visits and more. We were, and are, sharing our communication with Dolores and accepting it as normal.

Until someone publicly and outside of our Community said they “channeled” her.

Gasp! I myself actually gasped. I remember even now where I was sitting and gasping.

A dear friend sent me a link to Pamela Aaralyn’s video Channeling Dolores Cannon. I bristled. I huffed. I repeated my line. “No way. No way you are channeling Dolores Cannon.” I had not heard of Pamela Aaralyn and the love I have for Dolores Cannon stirred up my defenses and I found myself being very protective. I rolled my eyes, shrugged my shoulders and dismissed the whole thing. Until Michelle Walling of called me. “You have to talk to Pamela, “ she said, “She is the real deal.”

I listened to Michelle and then arranged a Skype session with Pamela, still with little more thought than having it be a formality to dismiss her. I was up front from the beginning. “I will be testing you.” Pamela said, “Dolores told me you would. And that you would be tough.” I was tough, and I was thorough, even double-blind tested her. She passed with flying colors. Pamela also even used the “code phrase” that Dolores had been using with me in my own sessions to let me know she was coming through clearly and purely. Just exactly like she set up a “code phrase” with Nostradamus in her books. When Dolores uses this code phrase with me, I can be sure the communication is authentic.

“She wants us to work together,” Pamela said, and so we have been.

Dolores even now, in my head is impatient and saying things like, “Get over it, I changed my mind and it’s just listening you know.” But she added a phrase to that. “Some people just listen better than others.”

As more and more people claim to channel Dolores, Dolores herself has something to say on the subject. And of course I am aware of the utter irony in this whole article and especially in this paragraph. This will be channeled information, from Dolores, that will admit that a great deal of channeling information is unreliable, and that many people who claim to be speaking her words, are in fact, doing nothing of the kind.

The following is a conversation I myself had with Dolores just a few days ago in the very early hours of the morning. She wants to emphasize that this is trans channeling… basically just listening. And she emphasizes that you can only listen to her, or any being, if she, or they, is actually communicating. She says, and you have heard this before, that this is actually a skill every human can develop with practice. Dolores did not and does not apparently trance channel, which is “taking over” the voice and body of a human. Dolores actually maintains her dislike of trance channeling and as far as I know has not participated in that type of channeling with anyone.


Dolores is absolutely aware of the channeling controversy. She has some new information for us about authentic and inauthentic channeling. She returns to the subject of “backdrop people” from her Convoluted Universe Series book four. “The backdrop people” was a concept of people on the planet who were playing the part of “extras” on the world stage and were not connected to Source energy directly like the “main actors”. She explains more below, Dolores’ voice in italics:

Dolores can you hear me?

-I can always hear YOU, the question is can you hear ME?

I think I can this morning. Can you tell me more about backdrop people and specifically, what they have to do with channeling?

-I can try – but you know it’s never as easy to explain these things to humans. Your perspective is so limited. And it is limited by design- somewhat- but mostly your perspective is shaped by limited belief systems

What is then, a backdrop person?

-A backdrop person is best described to a human not really what it is but what it is not. A backdrop person is not a Source expressed individual life form with a direct Source connection. Now of course it is within Source creation, and all things are from Source but it is not a direct creation. You have a direct connection. A backdrop person does not.

Who or what created backdrop people?

-They were created by creator beings as something like empty suits. They have a physicality just like you and all true human beings, but their connection to Source is offline.


Why were they created?

-The simple answer is that they were an experiment. The Creator beings were curious about the concept and idea. And they were very easy to create and then to manipulate both for positive reasons and not so positive reasons.

Do they have a soul?

-They do not have a soul as you have a soul, but again this is a simplistic answer. They are animated on the “outside “of their beings, very often by you and other soul expressions.

Do they feel and think like we who are not backdrop people feel and think?

-Not exactly the same. But they can feel and think. Yes.

Are backdrop people expressed on your level of existence as well?

-Yes! This is what I wanted you and the other Quantum Healing practitioners to know. Backdrop people are here too, and they play an interesting role for both of our worlds. One of the interesting “intersections” of backdrop people on my plane of existence and your world is in the activity of “channeling.”

-I think I always knew this and that is one reason I truly did not like the whole concept of channeling when I was in the physical!

What role do they play in this intersection?

-Well what happens when a channeler, or when anyone really, wants to communicate with a being they send out a call of sorts to connect with the frequency and energy of that being. I myself connect with a lot of people and a lot of beings, but I do not connect with them all.

How do you decide with whom to connect?

-Primarily their intention and energy but also their ability to hear me. (You are getting better at this yourself, I told you to keep trying.)

So what happens when someone tries to connect and you do not wish to connect?

Here is one thing that can happen. A channeler can call forth what you might consider an “essence” of me. A channeler can connect with my energy essence- but it is like a passing whiff of perfume or a misty cloud – not my full energy. I have a lot of this essence energy on the planet. Each time a video is watched for example, some of that essence energy is emanated. So what can happen is this, a backdrop “essence” can become available to help a channeler create the persona of me that they are trying to connect with.

-That backdrop essence then can use thoughts, ideas and information from them and their human filters to play the part of me during a channeling.

It’s an interesting conundrum to look at some channeled information that questions the validity of channeling! The backdrop people or essence concept is a novel one, however and so, I am sharing it in this public way, risking the obvious reaction of, “Well maybe a backdrop essence was talking to you and you only thought it was Dolores.” It’s a valid observation.

After this information came through I sent it on to Pamela Aaralyn. I have come to trust her listening and channeling skills and I respect her own description that she is a “clear conduit” channel. Hearing as clearly as possible- without, as much as is possible, a human filter. I first asked her about the information and was gifted with her reaction that Dolores told her the same exact “backdrop essence” and channeling details at nearly the same exact time. Then I had to ask the very obvious question about authentic channeling.

Candace- Pamela, if backdrop “essence” can come in and pose as the being we wish to channel, or hear, then how do we ever trust the information or conversations?

Pamela- If you are a medium or have the ability to “see” where the information is coming from you can tell right away.

Candace- And if you don’t? If you are a regular person like me who is trying to trust and open to channel or hear with clarity?

Pamela- Then you can use the Universal Law of 3.

Candace-Oh, I have heard of that before! You ask the question 3 times.

Pamela- Yes, but you must ask the question precisely and exactly the same 3 times and the answer has to be precisely and exactly the same all three times to be authentic.

Candace- But wait a second. I know many humans who would be able to do this, to simply parrot back exact answers that are identical- and I know and it is obvious that the information is not true or valid.

Pamela- But those are humans they are still in 3D and have human free will and are able to do that. Discarnate beings and those in higher dimensions must follow the Universal law of 3 and are not able to do that.

Candace- So if you ask precisely 3x and the answer is precisely 3x you can trust it, and if it is not precise you cannot trust it.

Pamela- Yes.

What’s fascinating about this topic is we often debate the validity of a channel’s message, in large part because the originator of that message is not someone we have actually met. With Dolores, she not only has taught thousands of students so we know and recognize her energy, immediately, she built her whole legacy on unconventional communication! It’s kind of hard to dismiss her ability to continue to talk to us when we know this about her and also when we have the ability to thoroughly vet information that only Dolores would know.

Dolores cautions not all of the information is authentic and accurate and she has explained one way it can happen to a channeler, even one with very loving and positive intentions.

I am not ready to call myself a channeler but I will say I do hear Dolores Cannon speak to me, just like many of her practitioners. In my dreams, in my mind and sometimes very clearly, and I will continue to collect the information that comes through and see what becomes of it. I have to say I admire anyone who puts their channeling work out there to the public. Skeptics and haters keep many gifted “listeners” quiet.

Dolores is sitting over my shoulder watching me write this article today. She is somewhat annoyed at the focus. “Its almost like you are apologizing,” she says, “Stop that. Let’s move on to other more important things.”

Okay Dolores!

“I changed my mind. Just get over it. I have more work to do. And so do you, and we can get more done if you listen more and get on with it already.”

Ha…Now that is pure Dolores!

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