Just how “Intuitive” are you?

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2021 is giving you a chance to find out.

Everyone was born with intuition. You might think that some people are just naturally more intuitive, and that might be true to some extent, but I am convinced you can develop this sense with practice. Now’s your chance.

You may have heard of the phrase “The Great Awakening.” It is often used as a way of describing how much of humanity is finally at the point of understanding how our entire reality system has been hijacked by others. But individuals “awaken” too. One of the things each of us are awakening to is our own unique intuitive or psychic sense. As society itself awakens, so does the individual.

2020 was like the big giant alarm clock that started ringing in about March and is still loudly waking up the masses. 2021 is when we collectively begin to open up our eyes. We are all in for some incredible surprises.

alarm clock ringing "the time is NOW!"

The surprises are going to come in all facets of our lives. Government, medicine, space exploration, finance, communication, just to name a few. Some surprises are going to be the telling of long kept secrets. Others will be the unveiling of new technologies and systems. Some of them will be very cosmic and unworldly. Those will be fun.

I’ve been watching and listening to psychics and channels and modern day prophets for a long while now, but I have paid particular attention to what many have been saying this last year. At the same time I have been listening, I have been “feeling in” to my own sense of how things will play out in all of these various areas of life. There are plenty of polar opposites and dissenting opinions. I think there will be a number of psychics who will quietly fade away as some of their biggest “rock solid” predictions melt away like old snow in a hot bright sun.

Whatever is in store for us in 2021, I guarantee you it will be big. If 2020 was like a great big single bomb, 2021 will be more like a gatling gun. And the hits, the surprises, will just keep on coming. Possibly for years to come.

So now’s your chance to see how intuitive you are, and also a chance to flex that psychic muscle. No need to share your predictions with anyone but yourself. Get a pen and paper. Make a list. All those big important dates and decisions and ideas being discussed. What will happen? Write down your very first thought and reaction to each of them. Fold up the paper and put it away- maybe in your favorite hiding place. Leave it there for a good long while. Months, maybe years.

I’m going to write a list myself. I might never share it with anyone. But then again, maybe I might.

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