Golden Eagle Collective Speaks

Last night in the dreamscape I was talking to the Avian, and particularly the Golden Eagle, Collectives.

They said they had messages for me to share and would return and deliver more as needed. Would I pass them on to other humans? Yes of course.

I woke up before the dream ended and found myself simultaneously sitting up and speaking out loud the whole and complete message for today. It was this single word:


Golden eagle image made of stars galaxies and golden light


  1. Rose Najia on July 19, 2021 at 8:43 am

    The timing of your Golden Eagle message is so interesting. Just this afternoon I had a visitation from a huge eagle in a shamanic journey! Looks like they’re on a mission.

  2. Ann Ritter on July 19, 2021 at 9:54 am

    Rising. And continuing to rise we shall. We feel the wind of Spirit beneath our wings. [Thank you for the encouragement and the reminder. Wado.]

  3. Dawne on July 19, 2021 at 12:40 pm

    Beautiful Candace,

    Thank you for this ~ it is such a blessing that you have been chosen by the Avian Collective as an ambassador to deliver messages of the highest order.
    I will do my best, in each moment, to remember to Rise 🌄
    Much Love from my heart space to yours.
    Blessed Be.

  4. Julia Wagner on July 19, 2021 at 5:38 pm

    Last night I had the experience of being a “Golden Eagle”. My mentor passed 3/26, came to me and shared with me how to become a “Golden Eagle”. He was descended from the Mic Mac tribe, and he showed me his other ancestral forms.

    We stood on a mountain top. He reminded of something he said to me once: Why are you on the ground with the snakes, when you have wings, and you are an eagle?”. He encouraged me: “You ARE an eagle.” I flew over the mountains. “What do I look like?” I wondered. GOLDEN. Not just the species “golden eagle”, I could feel the GOLD energy in my form and I felt my energy body want to rise up. Then I got distracted.

    This process is so cool.

  5. Rose Najia on July 20, 2021 at 2:44 am

    I mentioned yesterday that I was amazed by the timing of your post, Candace, because I had a visit that day from Eagle too. I didn’t have time to share my experience then, but let me share it now. It’s so related to the message you shared of “Rise.” I’m not very familiar with your site yet, so I hope this is an appropriate sharing.

    I was listening to an online shamanism teacher encouraging people to journey with Eagle. I decide to do so. Immediately, I felt a huge Eagle (twice the height of a human) coming toward me from the back. He touched the back of my head with his neck feathers. In my heart, I said, Full Glory Eagle (because I had met him before), I don’t know you well, yet you come to me with such love. I’m overwhelmed with gratitude.

    Very quickly, we rose above Earth, and quickly, we were out beyond this solar system, then beyond the Milky Way, to place around which galaxies orbit. I think, oh this must be the Central Sun. But it’s not a Sun. It’s huge, dark, mysterious force field like a black hole. Everything in all the universes is being pulled into its vortex, and everything is also arising from it. It is simultaneously a vast, explosively circulating fountain, a powerful sinkhole, and a stillness, the Mother of all life and death. This heart, eye, core of the torus is a simultaneous outward and inward compression zone, a zero point of opposite velocities of creation and dissolution. Everything arises from and returns to this timeless/spacelessness. The inward, downward compression of this Mother torus field pulls in all exhausted creations, dissolving them back to Source Emptiness. Then this emptiness is compressed into densities which magnify and complexify through fratalization, creating a fountain of beginnings which spiral, spin, churn, flow outward toward material dimensions, then are pulled back toward dissolution.

    Full Glory Eagle places me in this center point. As the center, I am the zero point, the simultaneous arising and dissolution of all existence. In the toroidal center, I am
    roiling, I am stillness. I am the cacophony of endless creation and at the same time, inviolable silence. Simultaneously I am in absolute stillness and spinning in all directions, at all velocities, at all scales of fractal looping. As the center point, luminous darkness am I. Birth without birth, death without death am I. Are we all.

    As this vast, incomprehensible formlessness forming, how can I also be all the
    minute and trivial complexities of a human being on Earth, itself, barely a dot in the
    cosmos. In the market, handling avocados, how can I also be the timeless void of creation and dissolution in stillness and spiraling, where everything and nothing is happening? Fractally braided toroidal tracks twist, spinning multidirectional in me, as me, on all timelines. We are all this kind of extremist.

    On the back of Full Glory Eagle, I am withdrawn from this scene. I am delivered back to my bed, still buzzing though, with the feeling that in every cell, this everything/nothing is endlessly cycling.

    • Ashley on July 20, 2021 at 9:05 am

      Thank you for sharing 💜