Masaru Emoto “You are a Waterworker.”

Blue Sea

A channeled message by Candace Craw-Goldman

Greetings. (polite bow)

Many of you call yourself lightworkers. And you are that indeed. Would it surprise you to hear me suggest that you are also “waterworkers?”

The powerful forces flowing through your world, your life, your reality, your bodies affect all elements and all systems and in particular the water, as it is the most receptive and affected by these energies.

You have been pondering the energy you are noticing in your physical vessel.

I have. My heart is…dancing. My head and crown feel the same powerful energies that come in during quantum healing sessions, for a few days now. I have been extremely sensitive to shifts in personal, familial and global energy. I’ve felt waves of vertigo in the last week.

This is because the energy flowing through your body and systems is also flowing through the water molecules within those systems. The energy that healers often feel flow down through their crowns and into their bodies is a liquid movement.

These energies have not been unpleasant for me, rather the opposite. But they are very strong.

A great portion of humanity would not be able to make the same claim. They are pushing against, rather than flowing with, the energy, and there is palpable distress and resistance in the human collective.

It is often suggested that you “ground” yourself as a way to keep your balance, especially during great energy influx. May I suggest an alternate approach for the benefit of others who might read these words?

Of course. Please do

Let us imagine that the realm of the collective human consciousness is an ocean. Currently if you imagine yourself standing on the beach and looking out over the water, the ocean appears active, but not overly so. There are no visible storms or violent seas. But if you were to venture a swim, out into the collective energy sea, you would quickly find yourself faced with a powerful riptide current.

This energy is extremely powerful, yet mostly invisible, as it is just under the surface of the water.

As a human caught in an actual riptide, your first instinct is to get back on the beach. Just as a lightworker faced with powerful energy influx might have a first instinct “to ground”. They are essentially the same impulse. (smile) But the experienced swimmer knows that attempting to cross the riptide waters is not only unwise but possibly quite dangerous. The best course of action is to swim parallel to the shore until well clear of the powerful underwater force.

Once clear, the path to the beach, and grounding, becomes easily navigatable.

This riptide energy of the human collective consciousness is only going to increase in the coming days. In addition to swimming parallel to that energy rather than entering it, or fighting it, I also highly recommend increasing bodily hydration. The more water you can add to your own physical bodies the easier the strong riptide prone liquid energy can flow through.

Breathing deeply is akin to parallel swimming. And adding more water can help gentle your bodily sea.

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