Squirrel Highways and Bird Flyways

Me On Tree

The trees.

They have been speaking.

Now, this is nothing terribly new, its only that have most recently raised their voices. That, and we humans are able to hear them more clearly. If that is what we desire.

I’ve long been accustomed to the communication of animals, both wild and domestic, and oftentimes I have been a creature’s conduit to deliver messages for others. But it is a new thing, for me, to hear messages from the trees, and newer still, to share what they have been saying.

As more of their leaves have fallen in these recent days, it is as if their voices have gained a certain stark clarity.

“You need us now.”

Horse and shadow of rider on tree

Yes, I have heard you calling, a clear beckoning from the woods on the farm. Always, I feel better after being outside. Always, I feel better after stroking bark, massaging a leaf or aligning my spine with the trunk of a towering tree.

“Every day.”

The responsibilities of life, or the weather, or time of day too, can often waylay the desire to get outside and forest bathe or hike along the creek. I want to go for a walk.  I want to ride my horse. I can’t get away…

“River Birch is just outside the front door.”

What I have been told by the trees is that their communication and energetic network is far more elegantly complex, and encompasses more than most of us realize. It is far reaching, and connects more than just crowns and root systems as it spans species, and continents and even our strange construct of linear time. It is interconnected with other plant life, animal life, and, yes, humans too.

“Squirrel highways and Bird flyways.”

If you spend enough time outside and pay attention, you can begin to see these pathways in the trees. Long ago when raising my two sweet cardinals, and I was so intensely connected to their avian energy I could clearly and instantly see them everywhere. After a time and after the red birds left our home, I found that I lost some of that skill. But I can see them now, too, when I slow my thinking, and deepen my breathing. I believe we  can all do this if we desire.

A new thought from the tress they wish me to share is this one: “You carry within your energy field every tree interaction you have ever had.” Whether it be admiration from afar, walking in the woods, planting, pruning, watering, or even- looking at the image of a tree in a book. Its like a personal collection. And the trees want us to know – that too many of us have allowed our collection to dwindle. To our detriment.

In these chaotic, often bewildering, times of late, when so much put before us to garner our attention makes absolutely no sense whatsoever, the Tree Collective wants us to know this very simple thing: They are there, they are ready and willing and waiting to offer healing and support.

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