When Will Things Change?

Prairie Rattler Small

Hi Dolores. Its cleaning day- there are many chores to be done.

You can listen as you go about your business.


Your energy field is becoming more finely tuned. This has many benefits for your life and your work, but it also means your body vehicle, in its partnership with you, has become even more sensitive.

-I have noticed that. People, places, content, conversations, food. Lately especially food. I am more sensitive than ever about what can go into my mouth and body. I think other people are really feeling this too, some who haven’t thought of it very much before.

There is a reason for that. Humans, even spiritually focused humans who understand this tend to separate out their mind or spirit from their body and think about them as completely separate things. And while a part of that is accurate, as in your body vehicle having its own history and purpose, the two, your body and your spirit are so intimately intertwined that it is helpful to remember you are in partnership.

-I just imagined an image of 2 synchronized swimmers.

It’s a good image to illustrate this relationship. Its also why you really like cleaning day, I might point out. I know you don’t revel in the act of  cleaning itself,  but certainly you deeply and fully feel the clean and smooth energy of the house flow that is created and this greatly assists your energy both for your body and spirit.

It was at this point I needed to collect the empty refuse bins from the street so I opened the door to go outside. The energy shifted – increased, and leveled up,  as soon as I stepped foot out the door. This simple act, one I do multiple times a day provides a moment of gratitude and acknowledgement of this beautiful world that truly is never lost upon me, but feeling Dolores walk with me, brought the outside world more keenly, and sweetly into focus.

Something like the moment that Dorothy opens the black and white door of the farmhouse to the technicolor vision of the outside world happens in my life regularly when I walk outside, but today, the energy was…brimming. It was big.

I found myself, once again, thinking of the contrast.

The contrast of this blessed and naturally rich and full life on this Kansas farm and the events happening on the world stage as we head into November 2021. So many people are hurting. So many are feeling trapped and powerless. Too many stories of friends who have lost and or actually buried friends or family members due to perpetually corrupt and ruthless systems of power that continue to have a stranglehold upon humanity. Once again I found myself wondering: “When will we see the change that I know is eventually coming? When will the dam break?”

I am a positively focused person. Naturally happy even in these times of despair, but I have my moments. I do allow myself to feel the overwhelm of grief for humanity and I do allow tears to fall. I have learned to let that energy flow through and out to remain healthy and balanced. As a wave of this energy and emotion gathered in my throat and welled up as hot tears in my eyes, I felt some tenderness emanate from Dolores.

She said simply, “What might the Natural World have to say or offer you at this moment?”

I paused and stood between the flowering pear and the towering river birch tree and felt held and supported by their underground network of deep roots into the earth. I watched their limbs move and sway. Wondering once again about that pear tree that sometimes turns color and drops its leaves in August…yet nearing to November this year it remains lush and bright green. The river birch, cozy to the house, no where near a river, often seems so close to the farmhouse as to be a part of it itself. Its roots visibly embedded in the driveway, sidewalk and along the foundation. The tallest limbs arching over the entryway and roof. Grateful for these beings who bend in the storms and fierce Kansas winds that support me and the farm daily.

I glanced towards the draw, west of the house. There had been a pocket of energy there lately of which I had been somewhat leery. Our littlest dog Echo would take his toy into the tall grass there at times and I would call him back right away. Coyotes? Skunk? Whatever was currently there, it was palpably felt by my energy field.

I continued my walk to the end of the drive.

My thoughts once again turning to “the world stage.” What say you, Natural World, about these dark and nefarious things we must contend with, what can energies of the farm tell me about that? I walked silently for a few paces, wondering again about the origin of the dark energy that focuses upon the ideas and ideals of suppression, control and dominance.

I stopped in my tracks.

prairie rattlesnake

Just then, just there 3 feet in front of me on the right side edge of the driveway, facing me squarely: A snake. But not just any snake, it was a prairie rattlesnake, a species considered as one of the most harmful and deadly snakes in the world. 

To be continued…

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