Dolores and the Round Hotel

Pile Of Old Suitcase On White Backgroud

I found myself standing in front of a tall hotel like building. I looked up. It was sparkly and platinum colored but not really “metallic” I could not make out from what material it was made. It wasn’t mirrored, it was not glass. The building was constructed differently than most skyscrapers I have seen. It was not a tall box shape, but rounded. It looked more like a very tall silo, with big curved windows.

I had suitcases in my hands. I wasn’t exactly sure why. My suitcases were also mismatched and somewhat old fashioned. They were hard-sided and leather. One was blue and one brown.  I did not recognize them.

Two old suitcases

As soon as I saw Dolores standing near the doorway I knew I was in the dreamscape. I felt my face break into a grin. She was welcoming others into the building. Almost everyone was carrying a bag or a suitcase or two. It was a busy place. I just stood there and watched the others go in for a while and noted that curiously Dolores seemed quite a bit physically larger than a normal human. She was about 7 or 8 feet tall and her features and extremities were all also large. Her face her hands, etc. She would barely fit into the door of the hotel. I wondered about that, as every other dream of Dolores I could recall she was the same size as everyone else.

As soon as I had that thought, she glanced at me and I started to walk towards the door. She responded to my thought rather than with a greeting, “I am bigger because of the energy humans are placing on me,” she said in a matter-of-fact way and smiled. I think she found the idea and presentation of her larger-than-life self somewhat humorous.

I didn’t say anything, but she continued, “I bet you are wondering why you are here.” She started to walk towards an elevator. “Follow me, and we will get you settled into your room.”

We stood in front of the elevator,  she pushed the button and the doors opened. There were a few others in the car but no one said anything. Dolores continued to read my thoughts. “Not everything in the building needs to be round,” she said. I had been noticing the elevator was a box shape, just like most.

I was enjoying the telepathic communication, but was it only one way?

“No, of course it isn’t” Dolores beamed that thought directly to my head.

The doors to the elevator opened and Dolores walked directly to a room where the door was already open. The apartment was more spacious than I had imagined. There were two bedrooms and another person was already making herself at home. “That’s your roommate,” Dolores explained. “I’ll introduce you later.”

I put my suitcases on a bed and started to look around. I wondered where the bathroom was located. The hallways that connected the rooms were not typical, and the layout of the apartment was based somewhat on a spiral shape.

“I’ll show you the bathroom.” I followed Dolores to a large spiral shaped room where she made her way to the center and pushed a button to start a shower. Something like water came from the spigot but it was different. It was sparkly and faintly colored like rainbows.

“Watch what happens,” She put her hand into the stream and the colors reacted and turned a rose color. She smiled when I noticed and then she looked at her hand again, and the colors turned turquoise.

She turned off the shower and walked back into the main room of the apartment. She sat directly on a sofa and indicated that I should do the same. I realized I hadn’t yet said a word. I was about to when Dolores took a deep breath in and looked at me strongly and clearly.

“Candace I know you want to know why you are here. I need to ask you this before we continue. I need to know if you are ready to hear the real story of your grandfather.”

I found myself saying my first audible words. “My grandfather? You mean my mother’s father?”


My mother’s father died when my mother was only 12. That would have been 1939. The story my German family told was that he was a doctor, and he was killed by sniper fire.

“Would it surprise you to know that isn’t exactly what happened?” Dolores asked.

I never thought to question this part of family history. I shook my head slowly. Nothing surprises me anymore.

“Would you like to communicate directly with your Grandfather?”

Now that surprised me.

“He’s here and ready if you are.”

And that is when the dream ended.

I will intend to lucid dream the next part of this story but I already have a few inklings of where this is going.

The suitcases I carried into the hotel are filled with stories. and I do know they are not my own personal stories but they are somehow connected to me. I know that Dolores intends to facilitate the communication between me and my late grandfather. I also think my roommate is someone I have not yet met in “real life” but will be working with soon.

Stay tuned for Part 2.

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