Contact within a Dream Part 2

Part 2 of 2. Find Part one HERE.

The stated intention of the BQH Tandem session was to gain more understanding about Reality Creation. The experiences Will and I shared within that session, and the experience within this subsequent spaceship dream, contained information that continued and expanded that idea.

Standing back where we started, I considered what had just happened. Within the “energy corridor” (that straight space that ran tangent to the disc-shaped craft) the space, the air shifted and seemed to become charged in some way. The surrounding space didn’t disappear or change that I could tell, but the corridor seemed very much like the “inverted crystalline” space and also the and the “mirrored mirror” space I experienced in the Tandem BQH Session. I could sense facets within facets through the whole corridor.

These descriptions are woefully inadequate to what I was experiencing. The photo illustration below is also woefully inadequate but will have to do for today. I am usually pretty good at coming up with descriptions and visual analogies, but this time it seems like I am falling very short.

I once had an incredibly vivid dream where I could see perfectly, 360 degrees all at once. This experience was similar, meaning the experience was far beyond the known capacity of a physical human eye. We as humans obviously have a shared reference point about what is generally possible for us to access and “see.” Having this experience has been interesting for my brain to interpret because, as far as I know, there are no reference points available. Interestingly enough, that 360 dream location? It was the same backyard of the same house, just a few feet from where I stood next to the spaceship.

The corridor space had these colored type facets, but the facets were not just a visual presentation. They were so much more than that. It might be helpful to provide a description Will gave during the tandem session. This particular passage was as together we entered into the mirror within a mirror.

“It is as if there’s a cave that opens just before us, but there’s no mountain, there’s no shape. It’s just open. We enter through, hand-in-hand. Looks as if transitioning through time itself. Understanding the expansiveness edge, all of our existence all at once. Separate but you have connected physically, energetically, emotionally, all as one. Together as we enter through. It opens into expansiveness of just all shapes, all colors. It’s entering into this crystalline cave of existence. each facet takes form and shape of your own existence. Whether it is here now, the past the future. each facet represents a signature of that existence. You can journey to each one of those facets and look upon it and gaze upon it and understand that is you what you have accomplished, what you have done, what you’re set up to do, what you have left to do. It’s as if you are looking upon your own contract, your own alignment, your own understanding of why you are here, all in one location. No matter where you look. That’s another facet of you. So it’s the opening to understand that this is not just a place of recognition, but the place of creation, a place in which you can understand what you’ve learned, understand what is left to learn, and begin to reorganize, just as you see the facets against the wall of your own existence, you can begin to shift move them around accordingly, or what is left to do. aligning them appropriately for your best existence, your most appropriate existence, your perfect alignment.”

Standing back at the side of the spaceship and looking at Kismet, licking her paw, I then sensed a communication from within the craft. It wasn’t audible, it was telepathic. It was brief and it was the only direct communication I received in the dream “You are in the beginning stages of true human multidimensional expansion.”

I believe some of that understanding of multidimensional expansion includes the bending of time and space. My sense is that the ship contained or represented the energies of my own galactic group of the Orions, one of the twelve galactic clusters Will speaks of in Allison’s book, “The Origin Story.” I also think the presence of my cat Kismet is a nod or direct connection to the powerful energies of the galactic cluster of the Lyrans, and their influence in my world, and also in the tandem session!

Here is an excerpt from page 39, information from the Orion cluster:

“The Process of, in the simplest terms, creating something from nothing…this is the teaching we wish you to understand. Frequency. Vibration. For the air you breathe, for the world that you inhabit, there is much that is unseen, but yet it is there. For it is all around you, but you don’t sense it. You don’t smell it, you don’t see it, you don’t hear it, but it is present. One would say, in your understandings, in your teachings that it is the spirit realm. That is the quantum web. That is the energy and the consciousness of everything.”

I think that energy “corridor” I moved through in the dream was part of this quantum web, and part of bending time and space and something that soon humanity will be able to sense and access as we evolve.


  1. Ingrid Romano on July 2, 2023 at 6:26 pm

    Hi Candace!

    I sent you the dream interpretation yesterday. I hope you got it. I sent it on “contact” on your site. 😊