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See a Red Bird

I am an avid practitioner of the Dolores Cannon Past Life Regression technique. I pretty much have given up all of my photography and other endeavors to focus upon and practice, this spiritual path of healing. I took training with Dolores, the world’s MOST experienced past life regressionist and author of 15 books, in 2008.… Read more »

Its an Awesome Feeling…

There is no way you won’t smile after listening to this short song sung by a man who left his body during a heart attack. [youtube=]

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Happy 11/11/10! (Note this excellent date to re-start my blog!) How many of you have been noticing the 11:11 on your digital clocks, checkbook numbers, license plates, you know, just about everywhere? You are not alone. I was first made aware of this phenomenon by my late brother, Randy, back in 1989, shortly before he… Read more »