See a Red Bird

I am an avid practitioner of the Dolores Cannon Past Life Regression technique. I pretty much have given up all of my photography and other endeavors to focus upon and practice, this spiritual path of healing. I took training with Dolores, the world’s MOST experienced past life regressionist and author of 15 books, in 2008. Since that time I have performed as many regressions as possible.

We use hypnosis to access past lives, and the very first thing I say to my clients as they relax and get ready to begin their adventure, helps them begin to visualize their journey by engaging that part of their brain that creates pictures for the mind. I say, and Dolores says, “If I were to say to you, see a red bird, could you see one for me?”

I have said those words countless times in the past three years. Last week, they took on a new meaning.

My client was laying on the bed we have in the front room of our tiny Texas
apartment, that has the headboard of it pressed up against the window.
As soon as I said those words, “see a red bird” a gorgeous bright red male cardinal flew to the window sill right behind my client’s head. Animatedly, he hopped in place, and sang his cardinal song loudly, three times while seemingly looking right at the head of my client.

“Not only can I see the bird, I can hear him,” said my client with a smile and closed eyes. “Its a beautiful red cardinal.”

During the next two hours where my client visited a past life as a Native American, one who depended upon Nature and Mother Earth for his very survival, numerous birds, doves, sparrows, titmice and other cardinals landed on the windowsill

After experiencing that life, and examining it from the point of view of the higher self, it was strongly suggested that he get himself outside and connect back to nature, as it was something he had been neglecting for quite some time. The birds were sent to emphasize that message.

I love my work. Its better than ANY Hollywood movie!

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