Ccg Dock Ai Generated Edit 3


A Woman With An Umbrella And A Bag Walks Through A Forest. She R

Mama Carries Me Now

I found myself in the dreamscape being carried by another person. I was full grown, my own self now, I am nearly 60 years old. A woman was carrying me in a curious way I was mostly prone, somehow- lying flat, her arms were underneath my body. This woman was small, my own size. How… Read more »

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Blue Sea

Masaru Emoto “You are a Waterworker.”

A channeled message by Candace Craw-Goldman Greetings. (polite bow) Many of you call yourself lightworkers. And you are that indeed. Would it surprise you to hear me suggest that you are also “waterworkers?” The powerful forces flowing through your world, your life, your reality, your bodies affect all elements and all systems and in particular… Read more »

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