Reconfiguring 2023

2023 to me seems a bit like what it felt like that day long ago when I stood in the room looking around at what was visible. Filth, debris, cast off items, forgotten and abandoned dreams.

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A Sweet Little Qi Gong Moment

Practicing Qi Gong Heart clearing movment

This morning this Granmama was babysitting the three visiting grandchildren. The morning was filled with activities that included roller skating and rollerblading, play dough building, Jenga games, magnetic puzzles and more kid-focused activities. “But,” I told them all as our day began, “At 10am we will all stop what we are doing and join my…

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Daddy’s Request Part 4 of 4.

Daddy moved in with us here at the farm at my total and complete insistence against his natural reaction to decline, and he would probably never have directly asked me to upend our life in any way to take care of him at all. Its almost like he made a silent pact with himself to not be too much of a bother.

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Daddy’s Request

Bringing another adult into our home required a huge adjustment. It was the right thing to do, but I was then, and I am now, quite aware of the emotional jolt experienced by us all.

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My Friend, the Black Walnut Tree

Touching a large walnut tree in a wood.

This is the tree that has shown me patterns in the branches of the wood and introduced me to the visual orchestral movements and music of the wind that passes through the creek bottom. This is the tree that has appeared in healing sessions with clients, explaining to them, and to me, the connectedness of the Tree Collective.

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Water Alchemy and BQH Immersion

Channel William Brown along with his wonderful wife Allison Brown teamed up to assist me in connecting to the Element of water this afternoon to provide *exclusive* content and communications for the upcoming BQH IMMERSION live and in person course where we will focus on the component of Beyond Quantum Healing we call Water Alchemy.

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