Following the Energy Thread

I woke up with Dolores’ voice in my head. “Its really just as simple as following your nose.”

I found myself smiling, thinking of all the animals in my life and how important their noses are and how I watch them follow theirs. “Or,” She continued as I slipped out of bed and looked for my slippers, “You can follow this.”

This? And though I was wide awake Dolores, in my mind’s eye, put into my hand a floating, glowing, sparkling silver thread. It snaked around the bed midair and floated out of the room into the hallway. “This will make it easier for you.”

Sparkly silver line of light

I got up and started to gather and follow the thread, and as I did it sort of just dissipated into my hand as a sparkly little cloud. I didn’t get far, however, just a couple of steps when all 3 dogs leapt from their beds. When the food lady gets up, they get up too, and the day starts right then. No matter that it was still very dark outside and not yet 5am.

The silver thread and Dolores’ voice disappeared into the very different and physical small cloud of dog energy and toenail sounds upon the wooden floor. I let them out, turned on the kettle and turned my attention to the waiting felines who begin their day with the toenail sounds and the dogs being let out into the yard. It wasn’t really, until after the dogs  and cats both had broken their fast and coffee was a warm  mug in my hand that my thoughts returned to Dolores and the thread.

Instantly it appeared again. Just floating in midair in the kitchen. This time the silvery light moved around the sink and down the stairs to  the basement door. I had a sense that the thread, or my nose was eventually headed to something to be found online, not actually in the lower level of the house, so I coffee in hand I scooped up my laptop and headed down the steps. As I descended I found myself recalling just a few sentences out of an extensive interview I had listened to on my phone as I drove home from an errand the day before. That probably had something to do with the thread.

Settling in the big basement chair with two more cats on my lap,  I turned on the computer and located the interview and then clicked on a random place in the one hour and twenty minute long program. Sure enough, I found myself listening to the first word of the first sentence of the exact passage I was recalling.

Dolores came back into my head. “I told you it was as easy as following your nose.” I smiled, thinking of the floating thread and suddenly wondered if it had a discernable scent. “Thread, nose, whatever…” I heard her continue to say. “Just follow the energy, however it presents.”

As I type this I am downloading the clip and will include it into some video projects I am creating and editing for the upcoming event we call Quantum Realms. The subject? Well we humans are the subject, of course, but more specifically, we- the human healers of this time in history. We are not only navigating our way through this monumental energetic and paradigm shift along with all of humanity, but we are also and specifically navigating a healers’ paradigm shift within that massive movement. Things are changing and they will continue to change. The very first thing to realize is how actually massive this change actually is, and how relatively few people on the planet are actually aware that it is happening. More are waking up to it to be sure, but it is still not the majority.

We as healers, at our soul level, have signed up to be here right for this moment in time. Absolutely nothing about any of this is easy, far from it.

We find ourselves faced with so many questions. Among them, what is integrity? Where is our power? What, actually, is true in this changed world we find ourselves in?

I’ve invited our Quantum Healers Community and other spiritual/energy thought leaders to speak to these concept; Integrity, Power and Truth. Our mission may not, at all, be easy, but I know in my bones we can accomplish what we came here to do.

The YouTube series begins the week of Dolores Cannon’s Birthday, which is April 15.