The Organic Human

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As I pondered titling this webinar offering, this opportunity to come together and expand and heal us all, I knew I would use the two words, “Organic” and “Human” in the title.

I considered: Return of the Organic Human. But that was not quite right, because this is deeper, and more connected than a simple return.

I considered: Manifesting of the Organic Human. That works, but its not a manifestation out of thin air or any sort of new idea.

I considered Reclamation of the Organic Human. There is truth to this phrase, but it is bigger than a reclaiming.

I considered Expansion of the Organic Human. This one is very close too, but we HAVE BEEN expanding. This is nothing new either, but there is something new about THIS moment in time that is bigger than that.

I considered Becoming the Organic Human. Again,. This is close, and true but bigger than that.

Words. I love words. I love a great turn of phrase and putting them together and using them to communicate, but I feel they fail me a bit at times. One of those times is now. It was hard to come up with words to convey how critically important it is to come together in THIS NOW MOMENT: That is what is truly important. Yes we can face this now moment alone, and many of us are doing that, but I believe so strongly from the depth of my soul and from the inner workings of my cellular structure that coming together in this moment or these crucial critical moments of this phase in our human history with other humans is simply monumentally important.

And can powerfully affect outcomes.

I would like to invite any and all of you who resonate to gather online with me tomorrow, September 9, 2021, at 2pm US Central time. Think of our gathering as a group meditation, a prayer circle, a consciousness upgrade, a healing event or any or all of those things!

My plan is to connect to the dreamtime energies that have engulfed my sleeping hours, and connect to the Natural elements and beings that I interact with during the day and share them with you during our time together. To lift our spirits, to release misaligned energies and control programs.

To step into and acknowledge the Organic Human we are capable of being NOW. Right NOW.

There are many of us doing this. Many teachers, wayshowers, colleagues and friends. God Bless you, all of you, for this. It is the only way we navigate the challenges that we face! I support each and every one of you and your efforts. Even if your “audience” is just one or two other people, the work you are doing now matters.

This is a FREE webinar (donations gratefully accepted) and any and every one is invited. I will make the replay available as well.

Here is the Zoom link to register.

And here is my Paypal tip jar for any donation:

Thank you and hope to see you tomorrow.

Love, Candace