Life Potential and Balance

Baby Anna

Channeled information from Dolores Cannon

-Hey Dolores, thanks for hanging around and waiting for me.

Waiting isn’t a “thing” here, but you are welcome.

-I know you wanted to talk to me about the little bird, Anna and energy. But…

But you wanted some of the more raw emotions to settle. Yes.

-Oh Dolores, how did I come to love this little bird so very much?

The Avian Collective will have the most to say about that. You already know why, but they will deepen your understanding. I will say this: Your deep communion with this little creature of flight was the impetus for this group’s more formal entrance into your conscious awareness. They’ve always been there, and you know that too, but your relationship with Anna helped to solidify the communication pathways.

-So you are aware of them… and aware of them around me.

Of course. You have many animal collectives that surround you. Some have patiently been (ahem) waiting to speak to you more directly.

What I want to talk, as you might have guessed already, one aspect of the energy of the little swallow, Anna.

-You’ve been showing me an image of a basketball.

But not just any basketball.

-No, one that is perfectly balanced and still, sitting on a rim of a basketball hoop. Dolores I never took you as one to notice anything about sports.

You are right, but I did not bother much with sports but I do notice energy. And the image of a perfectly balanced basketball on a rim is a fitting metaphor for the energy I wish to talk about today. You can imagine any life that is sparked and enters into the physical, whether it be human or horse or cat or bird, as bringing with it a set of potentials.

These potentials are not random, nor are they uniform, meaning, some potentials are highlighted, or are more likely, or have more energy behind them. Some potentials are like little slivers of possibility but with the right set of energetics and circumstance, even the littlest sliver of potential has the opportunity to manifest. A basketball hoop rim has a small physical presence, but it has the potential to balance a ball upon it.

-Now you are showing me the three little birds I found on the hot concrete floor of the barn.

You are also showing that image, that memory  to yourself, but yes. It was a sad sight for you. You have come across the “3 little birds” scenario before.

-Yes, all those years ago, the cardinals, and even another set of barn swallows, and other groups of 3 babies come to think of it but those are other stories.

They are other stories, but the energy of these other birds and their interaction with you very much plays a part in Anna’s story. That quantum energetic entanglement with all those birds, over all those years is very much why, and how these birds connect with you.

-A friend of mine on social media mentioned that she’d never come across baby birds that need assistance. I had always assumed anyone who would have made that claim lived in the city or something, or just did not notice, she made me consider otherwise. I was very struck by her comment.

You were struck with the energetics of the truth of the comment. Even that small exchange between you is now added to the energy that connects you and the Avian Collective. But let’s get back to the specific message about potential.

The trajectory of potential from all forces at play here contained all possibilities. The forces at play were the larger Avian Collective, the Human Collective consciousness, the individual energy stream of you, the individual energy stream of Anna, and even, all the other energies of your farm, the horses, the other birds nearby, everything, but for simplicity’s sake we will limit our discussion to Avian, Human, Anna and you.

Of the three little swallows on the floor of the barn, all had a potential to sustain life, albeit very small, but Anna’s potential was the strongest of the three. Through her life force energy, the Avian Collective offered a potential for avian/human interaction. The moment you turned the corner of the barn and saw the birds that tiny sliver of life potential came to the forefront. Your physical assistance of removing her from the hot floor, administering a drop of water, and holding her near your heart as you laid her siblings to rest near the treeline also sustained that  potential.

But the potential- was always a sliver, and delicately balanced- and the outcome could go either way.

-Hence the basketball balanced on the rim.

Exactly. It could go either way. At any time. And indeed, the energetics wobbled back and forth for multiple days. Your history and experience led you to believe the ball had fallen into the hoop, so to speak, and that Anna would reach maturity and fly your farm, but that specific potential, in Anna, remained a sliver like a basketball resting on a rim. Please know that  you kept that potential alive with your care. Like a small ember of a fire being gently blown upon, to keep glowing.

There is nothing you did wrong, or incorrectly when considering your care for her. Indeed, it was your experienced care and your energy that shone a light upon that sliver of potential and allowed Anna’s life force to experience and combine with your own human life force for an extraordinary number of days. Through that interaction, the Avian Collective and the Human Collective consciousness expanded in awareness. Anna truly was only moments from death when you came upon her, and all the potentials combined to allow the creation and opportunity for conscious connection with the Avian Collective. I should add that your friends on social media were also adding their own energy to this potential. They joined in this expansion. They were very much a part of this experience of expansion. You could say that Anna’s greatest individual life purpose was to facilitate this introduction. Once that mission was complete, her life force returned to her group energy.

Your ceremonial laying of Anna to rest in the center of the portal was a sweet thing to do, but even that gesture carries powerful energetics that go far beyond your comprehension. Personal past life memories, particularly native American, became energetically engaged. You already know at least one of those past lives Candace, but I encourage you to connect to that life more deeply to that particular life. You, your family and farm would benefit greatly. I can see that energetic potential very clearly, and the Avian Collective will have more to say on that subject.

That’s it for now.

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