Dolores Delivers a Message – Cruise Ship Dream

Cruise Ship

Another water dream appears, this is the 69th in a row. Dolores was in this one, and she had something to say.

I dreamed I was on a massive cruise ship that was afloat upon an even more massive ocean, more massive than any ocean of which I know. This ship was bigger than most cities. The ocean was bigger than several earths combined. The ship was absolutely filled with people, all kinds of people, from all over the world. On the ship, I was in a common room of some kind, there was a gathering of people standing around waiting. Dolores was speaking and everyone was listening.

Very large Cruise Ship
Cruise Ship

She was wearing a dress, it was a somber grey. Dolores typically wore slacks and brighter, cleaner colors. Grey was a color I did not normally see her wear and I do not recall her ever wearing a dress in real life. She was standing by a rather large round double tier water fountain, one you might typically see outside or in a park. She was saying that she wanted to speak to the American citizens only, and that any outside of the room nearby should come in. “This is a message specifically for Americans.” She folded her hands.

As the crowd distributed itself as per her instructions she waited quietly and patiently. As this was proceeding, I was looking more closely at the water fountain. There seemed to be clear “sleeves” something like ziplock bags, but sturdier that were filed standing upright around the fountain. They seemed to be available to people to gather some water to take away. My sense was that was what we in the crowd would do after Dolores spoke.

Looking at the sleeves I found myself studying the water more closely. It was structured in a way, in layers, translucent, but separate sort of layers. All very clean and pretty blues/greens/clear. The water swirled but didn’t really “mix”. The action of the water going up and spilling down did not affect the structure at all. Each droplet was its own structure as well. I wondered how the fountain water was connected to the water of the ocean that was carrying the ship. It seemed there was a direct connection. It seemed the great ocean was also structured. And there were layers of transparent water vapor that floated above the sea itself.

Dolores cleared her throat and the room became quiet. She said, “No one knows *exactly* how this near future will play out.” She waited a moment and then for effect said again, “No one knows.” Then, she said, “What you need to know is that you, the people, are the most powerful factor in how it plays out. No one can change that.”

Again she waited a few moments and repeated a bit more loudly and forcefully, “No one can change that.”

Someone in the crowd, a woman standing close to her, wanted to know more information. “But Dolores, what CAN you tell us? You obviously know something!”

My sense too, was that she had more information and that the general “eventual outcome” was known or predicted, but the actual playing out of events, on a smaller scale was completely up for grabs. I was eager to hear more. As everyone was.

Just as she started to answer that question, an alarm went off. I was waking up from my dream to an insistent and very loud old-fashioned sounding clock alarm.

I sat up in my bed, but in actuality, there was no alarm going off. I did not set an alarm at all on a clock or phone or anything else, the sound was in in my 3D reality. This was about 5am. I laid back on my pillow and asked for Dolores’ energy to return, perhaps I could learn more? Dolores did return in my sleepy half awake state. She stood there again in front of me in the grey dress, and I waited but she was silent.

Finally, she sighed and simply said, “I said what I needed to say.”

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