In-Person Sessions

Why In-Person Sessions?

Sometimes only a face-to-face session will do! Especially these days when so many of us crave human contact. I love meeting my clients in real life where we can share real warm heart-to-heart hugs. In-person sessions can include in-person attention like hands-on reiki or Quantum Touch.  I have a large, comfortable studio space just outside Wichita, in nearby Augusta, Kansas. I have made my space warm and inviting with everything one might need to feel comfortable for a full afternoon. Happily since early 2020, the lovely old brick late 1800's historic building where my studio is located also features multiple newly renovated full apartment (complete with kitchen) Air BnB's! Perfect for out-of-town clients.

BQH In-Person Session

The classic way quantum healing has been done for decades. Face-to-face! An in-person session in Candace's comfortable and welcoming Augusta, Kansas Wellness Studio is an event that will make you feel right at home. The very walls of the studio are imbued with powerful magic and healing energies from hundreds of sessions. You can feel it when you enter.

Experience deep relaxation and quantum healing in the classic way in this multi-hour experience. Book a room in the Air BnB that is right upstairs (linked is one of 3 options) and process all you have learned and experienced without having to leave the building! $750 USD For more information check out the FAQs

BQH In-Person Session for 2

Over the years I have had a number of couples come for in-person sessions to my Augusta, Kansas Wellness Studio. Partners, BFF's, Mother and Daughter, and more. Two Sessions over two consecutive days, special savings rate of $999 USD.

Each session is private, but we start off as a group to chat and prepare. Book one of the lovely Air BnB apartments above the studio and one person can relax and chill while the other explores higher dimensions!  These sessions almost always deepen relationships and often clients find out how they know each other in other lifetimes or realms.

QHHT® Session

Dolores Cannon’s classic method, Quantum Healing Hypnosis Technique, in-person session ONLY. Experience a QHHT® session “just like Dolores Cannon would have facilitated” by her very first Level 3 practitioner (me). Will you have a classic past life? Or more of a "convoluted" experience?  Are you a "Volunteer?" Sessions are several hours in length $750 USD.

Here is a link to a classic 2009 interview of Dolores Cannon on Coast-to-Coast AM

Prep for Your Session!

This is my *Get Ready* collection, which are 10 brief videos with tips, instructions, advice, and strategies to help you to get ready for your Beyond Quantum Healing, QHHT®, past life regression, or ANY consciousness exploration or energy healing session.

Watching these very brief informative videos will answer questions, dispel myths and offer some fun suggestions on how to practice, still your mind and begin to make a real and actual connection to your Higher Self.