The Human Heart Field

Sometimes I share my Dolores Communications. Sometimes I definitely do not. I got one this morning that I had absolutely NO plans to share publicly. Why not? Well, not that it wasn’t interesting. It sure was to me. Some of it was more personally focused and it also to might have been seen as self-serving to share… why? Because it was info in part, about the upcoming Immersion Class.

But then a couple of powerful things happened directly afterward that had me change my mind. These events connected directly to the information she shared, and they definitely assisted other people so that is why I am changing my mind and sharing after all.

Some of you who know astrology will will understand some of this. It has to do with Sun and Mercury conjuncting Saturn. I am going to post the astrology info in a separate topic. I am not at all knowledgeable about these finer details of astrology, but I do know there is a connection. I would LOVE to know our community’s thoughts on this astrology information. The energy of today seems very different than that of yesterday….

Here is the Dolores Communication:

Candace I know you intended to have a dream communication with me last night.

-I did. I remember my dreams. I don’t remember you being in them.

I was not.

-I don’t recall you ever talking to me about not “showing up”

I don’t believe that I have. I wanted you to know I was with you yesterday. That quiet moment in your office.

<silence.> (I had a moment of extreme emotional grief yesterday. Missing my teacher intensely.)

-That means a lot Dolores.

Let’s talk about your upcoming event.

-There are a lot of upcoming events!

You are busy, but I know you know which one. The gathering of practitioners.

-My late April Immersion class? Okay.

3d rendering of a water splash with ripple shaped as a heart.

Let’s talk about the foundations of your approach.



-Dolores, I know you know you inspired me fully with all of that, and were supportive, but you never told me what to do or even commented directly on such specific aspects.

I didn’t want anything to go to your head.

-That definitely sounds like you Dolores.

You’ve done pretty well. Moreso, a lot of the others who have learned BQH have too. There is a critical mass of energy gathering. Your hearts are ready and the time is ready and ripe. Candace do you remember your first “live” BQH training in 2020?

-How could I forget? It was intense, and 2020 itself was intense. I almost wondered if it was going to happen at all.

Yes. A certain powerful energy configuration became available to humans during that time. One that had the potential to propel human consciousness exponentially. This energy configuration is still available, it still exists. It is accessed in many ways, but one exceptionally powerful way it exists is when like-minded and heart-focused humans gather.

-You mean gather as in physical gathering?


So …right during the time we were introduced to the concept of “social distancing” you are telling me humans had access to a new powerful heart-based energy when we came together in person?


(I stayed quiet here for quite a bit of time. Sighing a lot)

Are you ready to continue?

-I think so.

This energy hasn’t disappeared. Not at all, but it has remained somewhat unaccessed by humans. There are a lot of reasons for this. Your hearts have been severely tested during the last four years. The reason I bring all of this up is to relay the information that as powerful of a year that 2020 was, and remains, 2024 will be another banner year.

The Sun’s energy is particularly conducive to be accessed. Things will begin to noticeably shift.

-The last conversation I had with my husband I said the “walls are beginning to crack.”

They are indeed. This will bring even more intensity. Hearts will be re-energized, and healing for the human heart energy will begin. Make no mistake, the human heart has sustained massive direct attacks, both physical, psychological, emotional and spiritual. And yet, the collective consciousness of the human heart endures. This is what makes humans so very special.

So back to your gathering. You start your classes with a heart-based intention.

-I do.

I have some ideas you can use. If you want. Its up to you.

-Dolores I am all ears.

(As of the date of this post, March 1, there remain 2 available seats in the BQH Immersion Class. Students must have completed the Foundational BQH Online Training to attend. )