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The Professional Victim

The term keeps running  through my head. The Urban Dictionary defines the professional victim as: Someone who (usually falsely) claims victimization any time things don’t go their way. Everywhere this person goes, they believe someone is taking advantage of them. This person has many many stories of The Man keeping them down, numerous abuse incidents… Read more »

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Letter to a New Autism Mom

Tuesday evening on New Earth Journey Radio I will be talking with Jill Rege on how her son recovered from Autism. Here is a great letter she wrote to new autism moms in 2013. Letter to a New Autism Mom Posted on March 21, 2013by Jill R. photo credit Dear New Mom, Welcome to the club.… Read more »

Ebola: Real or Fear Porn?

The following blog by Laura Bruno has some wonderful points about this subject. I have copied and pasted part of her article below and the link to the full blog. Most of that New Age mumbo jumbo is (intentional) rubbish, designed to distract and steer you away from real wisdom when you get too close… Read more »

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I began this post the day of the school shootings in Connecticut. Before I even became aware of the news, my intuition told me to hold off publishing this article about being afraid. It was too soon. We all needed some time. What happened in CT is both horrifying and heartbreaking. There is absolutely huge… Read more »

"NOW, made with Genetically Modified Ingredients!"

Ever seen that on a food label? Of course you haven’t. The Big Food Corporations know we as humans intrinsically know better and would, if given a choice, avoid such foods. Demand that choice! This is just a personal opinion, but I think God makes better seeds than GMO $cientists. Every day I drive past… Read more »

Wichita, Don’t Let Them POISON Your Water

Notice all the press pushing water fluoridation in Wichita? What is the source of this advertising money? We do know that the industries which sell this toxic waste fluoride are profiting greatly. Who else profits? Were you aware that this chemical they claim will make your teeth strong is an industrial waste product? Its true!… Read more »

Hello. I CAN see you!

There is something quite lovely about “tractor time”. Sure you have to deal with the engine noise, but otherwise it can be quite meditative. While mowing the Western pasture, a task that has taken several days and many hours, I kept having a sense of being, well, not alone. And, of course I wasn’t alone… Read more »

Eating Organically. A Child’s Lesson.

Most people I know still buy conventional food. Why? Well you know why. Either they don’t know or care about organic food or they use the ever popular reason:  “Its cheaper.” Hmmm. Well what price for your health? And possibly, the health of your future progeny? Here is a youtube clip of an adorable young… Read more »

2012 and Beyond, The Future. By Golden Wolf

Note from Candace- If you take the time to read these words, I suspect you will acknowledge that some of the concepts Golden Wolf speaks of below, were ones YOU yourself were not completely aware of until very recently. Perhaps your new realizations have to do with the American Constitution, or maybe GMOs or fluoride… Read more »