Would the Following Change Your View of TV if it were True?

What if you could view a series of 3 supposedly separate, unique video news clips?  For purposes of this discussion let’s say one from the Virginia Tech shootings, then another one of an “Occupy” event and the last one a clip on the aftermath of 9/11.

And what if, in all of these clips, it was a local reporter interviewing a ‘woman’ who was witness to these events.

And what if, you put the clips side by side, even though the ‘woman’ was given different names in each event, you could tell, without any question, that it was the same. exact. woman. Same voice, same mannerisms, even the same earrings perhaps somehow present in these highly disparate events.

That would be, well, remarkable right? Sort of stunning actually. I mean, what would that mean?

And then, what if you viewed another three video clips. Lets say, a famous murder, a famous kidnapping, another mass shooting event perhaps. And in those three video clips, you saw a man, the same man, with three different names again, being a witness or a minor player of some kind in each of the events.

What would you think? And, what if you found out the man and woman in the events above knew each other?

What if you could view dozens or even hundreds of such comparisons? What if were possible, to track a number of “eye-witness” “man or woman in the street” accounts of major fear inducing events in our world and find out that many of the witnesses are at multiple events, using multiple names and change of hairstyles or adding glasses or whatever to change up their appearance?

What if this were actually true? Would it change your opinion about what you are watching on TV?

Would it? I would LOVE to hear public responses to this post! So many of you respond privately…

I often think about the 1998 movie called “The Truman Show”. It was truly brilliantly made and an excellent film. Truman begins to wake up to his reality when he notices the details of the reality that is presented to him don’t completely match up. If you haven’t seen the movie, or haven’t seen it in a while, I highly recommend it.

Is there anything that doesn’t match up in your world?