2012 and Beyond, The Future. By Golden Wolf

Note from Candace- If you take the time to read these words, I suspect you will acknowledge that some of the concepts Golden Wolf speaks of below, were ones YOU yourself were not completely aware of until very recently. Perhaps your new realizations have to do with the American Constitution, or maybe GMOs or fluoride or other poisons in your water. Some of the things he mentions may yet still be outside of your reality or acceptance, things like chemtrails or off-planet benevolent beings or how the sun and other cosmic energies are effecting your body and the world itself.

As always, have an open mind as you read, take what resonates and leave the rest, but do know this; our world and our reality is rapidly changing.


– By Golden Wolf

I wish to give a disclaimer before posting this letter about the future, The best prophets are those who’s prophecies don’t come true. Why? Because they reached enough people to create a change. The future is not set in stone and is very flexible. There is the Earth’s destiny which is to evolve and transcend healing all that has been done to her with all the wars, pollution, environmental destruction, by unconscious leaders and those who follow as willing participants. The Earth is alive, she has called out for help and it has been heard on every dimension. There are the dark hearts, the tyrants who believe they are separate, entitled and above all others. They are doing their best to maintain their control and suppression yet are no longer frequency specific to the evolution of Earth. The New World order or powers that be will soon be the Old World Order and powers that where. The separation game and tyranny are coming to an abrupt end due to the 9th wave of unity consciousness. The collective consciousness on Earth is fast awakening and refusing to play the game of enslavement through dependency, manufactured lack or participate in the war and disease profiteer’s games. There is a grand cycle and alignment where massive changes are occurring on an energetic level where our solar system is moving through a highly energized place in space and subject to unprecedented bursts of consciousness, light and energy. Cosmic rays and magnetic pulses are off the scale and the entire solar system and beyond have to adjust to these new energies. Thus if seems we are in a four way race in factions which will determine our destiny. Remember each individual is making choices and the collective is also making choices; which will determine the individual and collective future. Your future depends on YOU, divine intervention is also measured as to ones receptivity, awareness, and the ability with loving detachment to follow the inner guidance.

With all this said I want to share some visions and insights I have had concerning the future. With visions the hardest thing to do is nail down the time yet between now and 2013 these events will unfold unless major changes occur opening the gates to divine intervention. I wish to break things down into three categories, Social, Economic and Physical Earth Changes.

Social changes coming forward are the continuation of a mass uprising of the people worldwide and the Arab Spring will come to America. A mass awakening is underway which is exponentially increasing in numbers and strength. I have always said the masses will do nothing until it becomes personal. Now with all the foreclosures, job losses, and the 13 trillion dollar bail-outs to the banksters the upcoming devaluation and collapse of the dollar along with the enslavement through debt the people have but one way out. That is to refuse to participate, call for and demand new leadership. This is on the horizon.

A good platform to begin with would be to disband the FDA, Toss out the Patriot Act, S1867 arrests and detention with no trial indefinitely and hold accountable all who voted for them for it is undeniable treason.
We need to remove the Federal Reserve system which is not part of the Federal Government but private organization run by international banksters. http://www.globalresearch.ca/index.php?context=va&aid=10489
Kennedy, Lincoln in the past and now Ron Paul all want to do away with this organization which has had a strangle hold on the American People for years. Eliminate the IRS an offshore institution also based in Puerto Rico, http://www.illuminati-news.com/irs.htm The United States Corporation in Washington DC also needs to be dissolved bringing back the Republic, United States of America rendering the power back to the State Level. These are the keys to ending the enslavement. We need to nullify all other unconstitutional bills, laws, etc as well to be rendered as unenforceable and disband any agencies that have been corrupted by the corporations. Rule through fear be it the war on terror or false flag operations has cost the American people billions and a loss of freedom with undignified body searches and radiation exposure with know negative physical side effects. These changes pretty much apply to the majority of government and would save billions if not trillions.

A Truth and Reconciliation panel needs to be created staffed by the common people and people who have a proven track record of service and integrity. This panel will be made up of constitutional lawyers, Naturopaths, Doctors dedicated to healing as first priority, cutting edge scientists, spiritual advisors, Native American representatives, farmers and common people from all walks of life. They will determine what changes need to be made in all walks of life dedicating funding to those that best serve humanity and the Earth.

The suppressed cures for disease, natural and energetic devices and therapies, fueless and Earth friendly energy devices will be first priority applied for home, business, personal and public transportation. These are priorities to insure health, a clean environment, individual prosperity and freedom. As a base foundation Universal law needs to be implemented. Universal Peace, Brother/Sisterly Love, Individual Freedom and Prosperity for all needs to be the foundation for society if it is to continue and match the frequencies of the evolving planet. These suppressed cures for disease, fueless energy, anti and countergravity devices are already on the planet and are coming forward they need support and a safe avenue to come forward.

Economic Changes have already been addressed yet we can go further into detail. There is a saying perfect power, perfectly corrupts. Money is power and as long as profit at any expense is the motes operandi with the major corporations you will always have a corrupt political, monetary and judicial system. The political, monetary and judicial systems have evolved to unprecedented heights of corruption; lies, deceptions and blatant theft have become acceptable behavior in the highest of offices. Because of the extreme greed, lies, bribery and deceptions in epidemic proportions those in power have declared war on the people because if the people found out what they have done and rise up their days are numbered. This is why you are seeing the dumbing down through chemicals in the water such as fluoride now lithium the same programs Hitler implemented in the past. Chemtrails, aerosol spraying programs raining down aluminum, barium, strontium, and a host of biologicals are part of the game plan “. The GMO foods have serious health consequences with known sterilization effects along with Aspertame and other food additives all part of a world wide eugenics program. This is also the reason behind the false flag events and the oppressive Orwellian Laws. The sheeple in all their sheepidity turn a blind eye to the obvious. Most of this is all compartmentalized with each compartment unknowing or in denial as to their participation in their own demise. There is a false belief in remaining quite and doing what they are told as to maintain their and their family’s security. The paycheck needs to keep coming yet eventually they will have to face the fact they have become the enemy and have participated in their own, family’s and friends demise. After pulling trillions of dollars out of the economy the Banksters no longer need the masses and to many people are too hard to control. The people are a threat to their positions of power and wealth. The only solution is for everyone to regain their integrity, awaken and shift into a life of love, joy and service. The military also is a key player they must remember their oath to protect the Constitution and serve the people. Those who shredded the constitution are the enemies domestic. They need to render inert or end the chemtrail program as a priority. They have been duped by bought scientists with the NWO to participate in this program. Rendering the people sick and ill and causing the death of the elderly and children; those with compromised immune systems does not honor their oath. Any orders to arrest, detain or disarm the people are illegal and those who follow illegal orders will be held accountable as in the Nuremburg trials. This will be the real test of a soldier. We need to return to a department of defense and end the military being used as the corporate brute squad killing millions for oil and other resources. In the days to come the military will be necessary to assist in the up coming Earth Changes truly being of service to the people.

Earth Changes are tied into the social and economic changes. As you can see I have blended it all together thus far because it is all tied together. When there are massive inputs of energy or certain alignments they affect the planet. A massive solar flare or CME first affects the bioelectric fields around the human body individually and collectively. Other planetary alignments and the alignment with Galactic Core also have this affect. Monkeys exposed to fluctuations in the magnetic fields exhibit behavior from comatose to self-mutilation. People get excited, reactionary, project, blame and externalize their fears, wounds and traumas from past experiences. Social and Economic changes have also been tied into sun cycles. The weather is also impacted and horrific storms, unprecedented winds, tornadoes and hurricanes all are a byproduct of these solar winds. The Earth also absorbs these energies and she is expanding, overheating which creates more earthquake and volcanic activity. Other increases or bursts of energy coming into the planet also have the same effect. Solar Cycle 24 has been responsible for the unprecedented increase in erratic weather, super storms and earthquake and volcanic activity. The Earth is now being bombarded with over 500 bursts of energy some from unknown sources a day as to about 50 in the past. The flares and CMES are off the charts along with the magnetic fluctuations as we move into alignment with Galactic Core. We are also entering into a debris field with a lot more incoming comets and meteors. I have had visions of massive tsunamis hitting the East and West coast. There are volcanoes going off the coast of Oregon/California, a major fault ready to burst and the Canary Islands are also erupting. Major ice slides due to the melting North pole can also trigger these events. The coasts and islands are not safe places unless some major intervention occurs.

This is the most important message!

The off world visitors have intervened on many occasions fully known to NASA but unbeknown to you. They have blocked kill shots from the sun, deflected or destroyed incoming comets and meteors, even rendered some of your nuclear facilities inactive. This was done in the Soviet Union as well. Your government and the media have portrayed them as vicious conquerors, here to destroy the Earth and turn humans into food or fertilizer. Fear and aggression are the patterns created by the media which; is exactly why they remain distant, cloaked or an enigma to all but those who have risen to the occasion for contact.

Those who have an open mind, loving heart, pure intent and a desire to serve humanity and the Earth.

The spiritually and technologically advanced off worlders must operate under universal law. They cannot intervene unless asked on the Earth, space is a different story. To take away the lessons learned through experience stunts evolution and they know you are all eternal souls having an Earth experience. The Earth also has rights within the multiverse and humanity cannot continue to impact her in negative ways disrupting her evolution thus some changes will be necessary for her cleansing and healing process. Do they save people hell bent on destroying each other and the environment or do they allow the Earth to do what she must to continue to be the platform for life? Do they ignore the actions of the tyrants and those who willingly serve and participate in their despicable schemes or leave them to the reactions to their actions? Do they beam up the unconscious, those who choose fear and aggression living in unsustainable ways to infect another planet? Would you want to spend time in close quarters with selfish and ill intent? Ponder these questions from their perspective which; is impossible because most have no reference points. The only reference points most have is threatening images to be feared, meet with aggression or follow like puppies. The awakening masses are imperative as to the outcome of the future. We need to be a civilization worth saving, one that is going to flow with the changes, make whatever changes are necessary to adapt to the Earth’s evolution. We need to be frequency specific to the new Earth’s frequency which; is rapidly rising. Your future is generated directly by the choices you make and actions you take in this process. The social, economic, and physical Earth changes are all going to escalate exponentially between now and 2013. It is all about right thinking, right action in the days to come. Mastering loving detachment and establishing your own inner guidance. I bet you thought I was going to say on March 15th at twelve o’clock noon the big march begins followed by a major quake and economic collapse. But that would keep you looking outside yourself and not inspiring you to self mastery establishing your own inner guidance. It is time to end the tyranny, the enslavement through dependency, allow the new technologies to come forward to heal the people and the planet. It is time for contact with the desired intent known for help in the awakening and healing of humanity and the Earth. Ask and Act you all have your own unique purpose for being here and that only comes from within. Your ancestors are waiting in the heavens to see what you do and where you go. Then they will decide how much intervention can be given. Be well
Permission to copy and duplicate in its entirety.

Golden Wolf