Hello. I CAN see you!

There is something quite lovely about “tractor time”. Sure you have to deal with the engine noise, but otherwise it can be quite meditative.

While mowing the Western pasture, a task that has taken several days and many hours, I kept having a sense of being, well, not alone. And, of course I wasn’t alone at all, there were a billion grasshoppers, too many ticks and flies and there were birds and turtles, and rabbits and two absolutely beautiful coyotes, but, it seemed like there were others too.

Right as the sun was setting I stopped and faced it as it dipped below the horizon. I turned off the tractor and I pulled my iPhone out and snapped the following photo.

Well what is that light blob anyway? An airplane? No. The space station? Below the clouds? Um no. A cloud? That bright and small and moving? Yeah...no. A meteor? It wasn’t streaking across the sky, it was hovering so NO. My imagination? Well…if it was, it was my iPhone’s imagination too. Was it a lightship? Well, yes, I think maybe it was.

There are many of these being seen and recorded around the world, glowing moving things in the sky…but you won’t hear about them on MSM (mainstream media).

Doesn’t fit their agenda.