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Long Distance Quantum Healing

UNIQUE and INDIVIDUALIZED Meditation/Process created JUST FOR YOU. You really DO have the Power and the Innate Wisdom to Heal Anything in Your Life. You’ve heard that before. It’s not a new idea. You’ve heard, “All healing is self-healing.” Well, great. But how? How exactly do you heal yourself? I bet you’ve also heard or… Read more »

Odin, an Earplug, Surgery and Energy Medicine

Did you know that some cats have a thing for human ear wax? Its a sort of feline fetish. Odd, I know, but google it if you want and you will find all kinds of stories. Even with all the cats we have had and known in our lives, this was news to me. Our… Read more »

A Christmas Reiki Story

We arrived at my in-law’s home the Friday afternoon before Christmas. My husband’s younger brother Josh and his family had been there a day or so already and had nicely settled in. Josh and Jan have three lovely young children and a really great chocolate lab named Gumbo, and all of them were there. Josh… Read more »

Mowing, Openmindedness, and a Dove Brings a Message

The field around the Sacred Circle Site needed mowing again. It was a cool morning yesterday and I had just enough time before my regression appointment to get most of it taken care of. As is my habit, I thought I would listen to Coast to Coast while sitting on the tractor. I began mowing… Read more »

A Tale of Two Burns

We had a meeting of the Wichita Chapter of New Earth Journey here at our farm on Saturday. Not only was there to be a meeting, I was to have not one but two of the guests stay the night so that Saturday morning was spent in busied preparation. Most everything was done and ready… Read more »