A Christmas Reiki Story

We arrived at my in-law’s home the Friday afternoon before Christmas. My husband’s younger brother Josh and his family had been there a day or so already and had nicely settled in. Josh and Jan have three lovely young children and a really great chocolate lab named Gumbo, and all of them were there.

Josh hugged us all hello but in a tentative way. He was obviously in pain. I asked about it and he told us that he was suffering from a recurring severe muscle spasm in his lower back.

That night as we walked into and then out of a restaurant where ten of us had a lovely German dinner I was struck by the fact that although being a decade younger than me and Tom and of course many more years younger than his parents, he was walking like he was the oldest one there, an elderly man in pain. Not being the complaining type you would never know how much Josh was hurting unless you watched him walk or sit down or get up off of a chair. The empath in me had to be careful not to take on the pain in my own body as we bid everyone goodnight after dinner.

Christmas Eve morning my first waking thought was of Josh. When I saw him still stiff and moving slowly in the morning as breakfast was being prepared I offered a reiki session as I knew we had about a half an hour before sitting down to eat. He agreed.

Almost exactly 12 years ago I discovered reiki and quickly took training and became an Usui Reiki Master. I turned to this ancient hands-on healing modality because Western traditional medicine had utterly failed to address a years long chronic pain condition I had and I was looking for something, anything, that I could do to help myself. Drugs, massage, physical therapy, a pain clinic and hypnosis, All. Failed. Miserably. Actually in the case of the pharmaceuticals, and I tried many, believe me, they not only failed, they had had zero effect on alleviating the pain and their negative side effects were often scary or severe and landed me in the ER more than one time.

I had Josh lay across the foot of the guest room bed and I pulled out my iphone. I cued up a healing meditation by LaUna Huffines that was just over 20 minutes in length and laid the phone down so we both could listen. I thought the island and ocean imagery would work well with my Coast Guard brother-in-law.

I figured this was Josh’s first reiki experience and it was. I didn’t say much about it, just told him to listen to LaUna and relax and we would be done in 20 minutes or so.

I have done many hundreds of reiki and Quantum Touch healing sessions over the years. Something happened in this session that had never happened before and that is the reason for this article.

In my work as a regressionist and healer I often work with imagery. There are at least two ways of being able to “see”. You can literally actually see something in physical reality, or, you can “see” something in your mind’s eye, your imagination. I have become quite comfortable accessing the imaginary world of seeing and using its powers to manifest physical results, actually seeing things in the physical is just not quite as common.

As soon as I began the session my hands, normally quite cool in my normal day to day activities, became very hot. This is not unusual for reiki practitioners and actually is extremely common. I settled in and listened to LaUna”s voice. Soon, I began to feel surrounded by other helpful beings and it was a pleasant sensation. This too, is fairly common. There are many “unseen” beings who will absolutely come to the aid of humans. Call them angels, spirit guides or whatever name you wish, they really are available, even if you don’t see them with your actual eyes.

I came to the place on Josh’s back that was “ground zero” for pain. I saw this clearly, in my “mind’s eye”. I asked him if this was the spot. He said yes.

I put my hands, in line across his lower back. The energies flowing though my hands and into his body felt undulating and began moving in a figure 8 motion. My hands, held on top of his sweatshirt seemed to melt down into his body, and become a part of his muscular/skeletal structure. This sensation too, is pretty common.

But then, something uncommon happened. I actually, literally, and physically saw violet light emanating from my hands.

The illustration above is just that, an illustration, but it approximates what I saw during the session. My hands were covered in a bright glowing violet light. Sometimes the light would seem to change to one more turquoise in color and then, it would move back to the violet.

It was quite astonishing, the combination of the scene, Christmas Eve with a loving family, the beings behind and assisting me, the visible violet light pulsing around and out of my hands and the pure and direct connection to whatever it is that allows us as humans to access this amazing healing energy (I personally like to think of it as the Christ Consciousness) made the experience utterly unforgettable. I had tears streaming down my face. I marveled at the violet light memorizing the glow and the sense of connection in my physical body. It was such a pure and perfect moment, resonating and aligning with that which we celebrate during this time of year.

LaUna soon finished taking us on the tour of the “Island of Regeneration” and breakfast was also ready. Josh felt better right away and was visibly moving better by midday. The next day he was still moving slowly and I asked him if he was in pain. He said, “No, actually I am not, I’m just trying to keep it that way by moving slowly!” I smiled, thankful for the one of the very best Christmas gifts bestowed upon me this year.