Mowing, Openmindedness, and a Dove Brings a Message

The field around the Sacred Circle Site needed mowing again. It was a cool morning yesterday and I had just enough time before my regression appointment to get most of it taken care of.

As is my habit, I thought I would listen to Coast to Coast while sitting on the tractor. I began mowing spirals around the circle and interestingly enough, the show that played was one where Michael Cremo speak of “Forbidden Archeology” He described various examples of the many hundreds of truly amazing discoveries scientists have made that have been left out of textbooks and kept out of university curriculum as they do not fit the narrow confines of the main stream’s accepted Darwinian model and timeline. Cremo’s show was recorded on July 4. Independence day for land of the free. “Free speech” still allowed in some places I suppose, like this radio show. Just not in universities or text books.

Talk about narrow minded and monopolies on ideas!

I did find it interesting I was listening to another Michael speak of ancient human origins as I spiraled another mown path around the circle, just as I had listened to Michael Tellinger’s ideas a few weeks ago.

At one point I looked down and saw a dove near the mowing deck. She was walking out of my path, obviously too injured to attempt to fly away. She scuttled under some weeds. I made note of where in the field she was hiding and kept mowing.

Soon, there was only a small patch of grass left to mow. As I circled it, the dove walked out again, dragging her left wing. Oh dear.

I stopped the tractor and walked over to the bird who made no effort to move as I bent down and picked her up. Poor thing. I left the tractor in the field and took the bird to the workshop where Lauren, our daughter, was busy putting together our new greenhouse.

We took some time to give the dove reiki and then found our old bird cage, lined it with fresh white paper and set her inside. We gave her a dish of water and some sunflower seeds and put her out of the sun to rest.

Doves symbolize love and peace and harmony. Here was an injured one at Atira Moon. Was there a message in her appearance?

It was time then, to get ready for the regression. The dove would have to wait. A lovely kind hearted young woman came to Atira Moon and searched for and found her strong and wise self, then swam in an ocean of healing waters. It was truly a wonderful session!

After the client left several hours later,  I checked on the bird and it had obviously helped itself to the food and water we provided. A good sign, but that injured wing was still held somewhat awkwardly and low. I noted the leading edge had missing feathers. I wondered what had happened. I took  her out of the cage and gave her more healing energy, then bid her goodnight.

This morning Tom and I checked on the dove together. Tom, accessing his growing intuitive abilities said, “I bet it will fly away.” A lovely thought, I supposed, the logical left side of my brain began its complaints right away. A broken wing, if it was indeed broken, might not fix itself overnight. Even with reiki. I said, “Lets open the cage and see.”

We put up the dogs and then I opened the cage and held the dove over some soft grass in case it went down quickly. “Fly, beautiful bird.”

And she did. Straight, strong and true, directly over the barn, with not a bit of trouble.

I think, its going to be a lovely day.