Long Distance Quantum Healing

UNIQUE and INDIVIDUALIZED Meditation/Process created JUST FOR YOU.

You really DO have the Power and the Innate Wisdom to Heal Anything in Your Life. You’ve heard that before. It’s not a new idea. You’ve heard, “All healing is self-healing.” Well, great. But how? How exactly do you heal yourself?

I bet you’ve also heard or read, “All answers lie within.” And I bet you probably thought, “Well, if that is true, then why can’t I access those answers right now?” The truth is many of us who claim to be “healers” have asked those very same questions about our own lives. I know that I did. I’ve been asking them for decades – long before I began helping others to answer these questions for themselves.

In my quest to heal myself, and help others heal I have explored and mastered many skills. I became a Usui Reiki Master in 2000. I learned Quantum Touch and attended many advanced courses of that method. I learned and began to teach the Russian method of healing called Cellular and Organ Regeneration. (CORe) I went to talks and lectures and sound and color and crystal and sacred geometry healing workshops and nutrition classes and drumming circles and dreaming workshops and more.

But it was meeting and subsequently working closely with the late great Dolores Cannon that brought all of those ideas of healing into a distilled and beautiful focus for me and allowed me to offer clients not only her unparalleled healing method of Quantum Healing Hypnosis (QHHT) but also to understand exactly how it and other healing methods actually are able to create change and healing in people’s lives.

Dolores always said that QHHT wasn’t the only way to get answers and heal, it was simply the best and most direct way that she knew how. I would have to agree! I’ve practiced QHHT full time since 2008. In my live level one class with Dolores I actually was chosen to be her “demonstration subject” for the students gathered there in Fayetteville, Arkansas. That experience was transformational for me. I knew it then, but I know so much more now about what happened and why it happened now that Dolores has made her transition. Not only was my own chronic pain condition healed after that session with Dolores, my entire life path changed and within a few short months I was actually working closely with her and created and founded her Original Worldwide QHHT Practitioner Online Support Forum, which I continue to run to this very day.

I was also incredibly honored to assist the great Master in her live classes and advanced training programs for several years before her death in October 2014. And perhaps most magical of all, Dolores continues to communicate and assist in QHHT sessions, not only with me and my clients, but with all of her “students” who practice her method with integrity and an open heart!

Of all of the healing modalities I offer clients, the QHHT Session remains the single most effective and magical solution to so many of life’s greatest trials. It also is a magnificent place to receive confirmation of an already established communication with one’s Higher Self and higher realms! And while there are no guarantees and many different outcomes for individuals in sessions, I continue to believe that the few hours spent on a QHHT session could possibly be one of the greatest gifts you could ever give yourself.

So a proper QHHT session is done in person, but some people either cannot or do not wish to travel to have a QHHT session, so to that end, I have recently created a new unique and personalized guided and recorded process/meditation to help YOU Create your very own Quantum Healing!

I’ve listened to hundreds of wonderful meditations over the years and while so many of them have been valuable, I’ve noticed that many focus on the specific interests of the healer- rather than on the one seeking healing. Its my goal with Create Quantum Healing to turn that idea all the way around and put the focus on YOU!

This is not a “one size fits all” meditation/process. ALL healing really is self-healing, and all knowledge really is within, but sometimes we need a little assistance or boost to get to that place inside of us so that we can access the healing or discover the answers we seek. Each person has within them, their own unique solution for every issue, be it health, relationships, life path or more. With a Create Quantum Healing Session I am able to help you find YOUR very OWN safe and sacred internal place of healing and knowledge using a “specific to YOU” guided visualization where you can access your own spiritual healing power and connect with your own personal guides and assistants. Each session is created with Your unique energy signature and requirements and is especially created to assist you with your current needs but it is also created to be relevant for future needs as well. In other words, this process will help you be your own healer, and your own guru, to find your own answer, now and also in the future.

You will need to do a bit of work to help me create your Process and I will send you questions which you will need to answer thoughtfully. I also ask for a fairly recent photograph of your face and eyes to connect with your life stream energy.

1. Creation of Your own, Personalized and Unique Quantum Process/Meditation (30-45min)
2. Live (Skype or Telephone) Call to share the Process (Maximum one hour total)
3. Brief Consultation before sharing the Process (10-15 minutes)
3. MP3 Recording for unlimited future use.
4. One Year Discount for any future services. (22USD all remote services 111USD QHHT Session