A Tale of Two Burns

We had a meeting of the Wichita Chapter of New Earth Journey here at our farm on Saturday. Not only was there to be a meeting, I was to have not one but two of the guests stay the night so that Saturday morning was spent in busied preparation.

Most everything was done and ready for our guests but we hadn’t had lunch yet so I was hurrying to make us something to eat before the doorbell started to ring. I toasted some bread with some goat cheese and set it under the oven broiler.

That was the setup for burn number one. I touched the broiler heating element ever so slightly just above my right wrist. Here is a small photo taken Monday morning, a little less than 48 hours later.

Burn number one.

The burn was a slight sting, and after removing the yummy goat cheese toasts, I ran a little bit of water over my arm. It stung a little bit but it really was not very painful. I put a bit of natural burn salve on it anyway, just in case.

We then had a lovely meeting sitting in our family room near the wood burning stove chatting about all sorts of magical and wonderful things. After dinner and dishes, I looked over to the red-hot coals in the stove and decided to put just one more log on the fire. This, of course, was the set up for burn number two.

I opened the glass door to the stove, placed the log on the coals and shut the door. As I was turning the handle to the locked position, my right thumb touched the stove and I literally heard a sizzle and looked down to actually see a tiny puff of steam/smoke.


We still had guests in the house so I restrained any scream that tried to come up from my throat but I went straight away to the sink for cold water and then a held a piece of ice on my thumb. An angry red raised oval pounded pain into my thumb, into my whole hand and even up into my arm. I haven’t burned myself like that in a while, and wondered already, how long it would be before my thumb would be back to normal. I remember burns like that make things like showers or dishwashing miserable.

Not more than a few minutes later, the household went to bed and in our room I showed the burn to my husband. I asked him to please do Reiki on it for me, and he obliged. Now, it should be noted here that Tom is a fairly new Reiki healer. Long a recipient of my own Reiki hands, late last summer he decided to become attuned to Reiki himself.  Its a fairly straightforward process to become attuned and does not require any “belief” or “special talent”  or “gift”. It doesn’t cancel out your religious beliefs or anything like that. You just learn how to become sort of a conduit or funnel for universal energy available from life itself and focus that where it might be needed for healing. (Like for a very painful burn.)

Laying in bed Tom held my thumb for a little while.  It pounded in pain. His hands were really warm, not very comfortable near a fresh burn. Ow ow ow… I thought about how I had burned my arm earlier and how that injury paled in comparison to the burn on my thumb.  I wondered if I was going to be able to sleep. But after about 10 minutes, the pounding really subsided and I no longer squirmed. After about 5 more minutes of Reiki, the pounding stopped completely and  Tom declared the energy seemed to be finished and he let go of my hand and we went to sleep.

I slept very well. In the morning I looked at my thumb. There was no blister, no burn to see. I touched and pressed the spot and it was not sore at all. There was only a tiny white spot  and there was absolutely zero pain. All day Sunday I watched the spot get smaller and Monday morning  even that disappeared and my thumb is perfectly normal. I put an arrow where I audibly sizzled my skin, but there is really, nothing at all to see, about 40 hours later.

Burn number two.

At the moment, its Burn number one that has my attention. Its a little sore and red, but its going to be okay too, even without Reiki first aid.

I have practiced Reiki, and other energy healing  now for 11 years.  I never fail to be astounded at the healing potential of focused energy, especially in trauma or first aid type situations.

You too, can learn Reiki and be attuned. There are even ways to do it for little or no cost or training whatsoever.It comes in very handy.  (Thanks Honey.)