2017 and the New Creation Energies

We are only halfway through the first month of the year but it has been extraordinarily rich and productive for almost everyone I know. 2017 seems to have some sort of special turbo powered energetic boost available to help create and manifest almost anything!

I recently had an opportunity to speak with my long time friend Katya Turner of Indigodiaries.com about what she is sensing and creating in the year of 2017.

Here is the YouTube replay of our recent conversation.

Katya is herself riding these new creation waves with a great deal of joy, while bringing her second child into the world and creating programs, projects and content for clients all the while already being a busy mother of a young toddler. Whew!

2017 is the year of “Doing it NOW.” In the show I read a recent message I received from the late Dolores Cannon. The transcript is below.

Dolores do you have a message for the public regarding the new year and 2017?

Yes, there is still so very much work to do.

There is this peculiar human trait so MANY of you have. Let’s call it the “I’ll do it later” trait. You have good intentions, positive goals and kind hearts and then you slap the “I’ll do it later” trait on top of those intentions and it is like throwing a bucket of cold water on a beautiful little campfire.

Stop “doing it later.” Do it NOW.

The year of 2017 is the year of creation and of “doing it now” rather than “doing it later.” And you really are running out of time. You had many years and many lifetimes of opportunity and it really is coming down to the wire. You need to do it now.

And do what? Some of you are writing. Good! Just keep at it. And finish it up and get it out there for others to read. You may think you need to reach perfection before publication and this is not so important. Get a good editor, use spell check and just publish it. I carried manuscripts around for years waiting for an opportunity to publish my first books and as many of you know ended up creating my own publishing company because of the lack of opportunity and interest in my regression work from the big publishing houses. None of you face this obstacle. You can self publish. Do it.

Some of you have other projects, art or music, therapy or community-based ideas that focus on love, acceptance and helping other people. Some projects are very small and one-on-one. Maybe you even have considered volunteering at an Old Folks Home or Women’s shelter. Just go do it. Even if you can only help a few times or very occasionally, just go. Stop waiting.

Some of you have grand ideas. Classes, or businesses or even producing movies. These are wonderful human creative endeavors. Don’t let the “largeness” of the project idea overwhelm you. Small bites, small pieces and just keep moving forward. Every day is filled with 15 minute blocks of time you can use to grow your project, whatever it is.

I used to read and write and even edit books while eating dinner on a tv tray and watching Matlock. It’s amazing what you can accomplish in the space of time during even a set of commercials. You don’t have to lock yourself in a room or take yourself off to Fiji to write or create.

The world and 2017 needs each of you to step up into the gifts you have to bring and fulfill the reason for your life right now. If you are feeling a yearning that is your Subconscious and your Soul reminding you of your purpose. 2017 is about facing your purpose square on and getting on with it.
Now each of you have your very own purpose, not everyone needs to write a book, star in a movie or jump into the public eye in a big way, please know that is not my message at all. Some of you came here to simply be a loving friend to person who has no one, some of you hold doors or smile to lonely or angry people on the street as you go about your day. Some of you may even be challenged by health or age and being cared for by others. Guess what? You too, have a purpose and job to do at this critical time. Even a kind glance across the room or a loving thought for another is important and valuable and helps to create the reality of the New Earth.

Each of these large and also very small loving acts help to awaken and change the world and each offering of wisdom, kindness, abundance, assistance and love will bring the energies of wisdom, kindness, abundance, assistance and love right back to you.

Find Katya Turner at http://www.indigodiaries.com

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Permission to share this article freely granted as long as all links and information remain intact. Copyright Candace Craw-Goldman 2017

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