A 5D Kitten Dream

A couple of Saturdays ago, first thing after waking up, I walked into our kitchen and told my husband Tom that I had an interesting dream I wanted to share. As I made coffee and as he began preparing the dogs’ and cats’ breakfast dishes I began to tell him about it.

In the dream I was in my parents’ home walking through their kitchen. Mid stride, without any warning or preparation I felt a contraction in my uterus. It was not painful but it was strong and as a mother of two children it was a very familiar sensation.  I was about to give birth! Immediately I felt something exit the birth canal of my body. I stopped, reached down and caught a small warm form near my knees before it could hit the floor.

I looked down as I lifted up the warm, moving being to see…a kitten! What? I was so surprised. It was not a newborn kitten but certainly also not a full grown cat. She was gorgeous. She had long hair and was multicolored in a way beyond what a calico cat or any colored cat I have ever known. She had white ears and tufts on the tips that immediately made me think of antennae. Her eyes were green, the same exact shade of green of my own and she held my gaze in a very deep way. I simply stood in the kitchen, and stared at her in wonder and surprise.

That was all I remembered of the dream but the feeling of the joy and surprise and excitement of the new little creature was still with me. I was beaming. Tom turned around from the 7 bowls of food he was preparing, and said, “No more cats.”

I laughed. As much as I adore cats, we absolutely have enough of them, both in the house and the barn, thank you very much. “This dream isn’t at all about cats,” I told him. “This is my Higher Self giving me a message about a new creation.”

Now anyone who knows me knows I am always creating! I am in the middle of many creative projects at any given time so exactly to what was being referred, I really did not know. What I did know what how the feeling of excitement and LOVE stayed with me. I do truly adore cats and the lovely multicolored feline seemed to just remain in my thoughts.

A few days later I found myself in my parent’s home caring for my elderly mother overnight. I was doing some work on my computer, including preparing for a New Earth Journey Radio show with Michelle Walling of In5D.com. We were messaging back and forth about the details. I had just mentioned our time limit, and how many things we could talk about when Michelle said, “HEY I just had a wonderful idea!! YOU should have an In5d show!”

And just like that, it all came together.

I was in my parent’s home, just in the middle of my workaday world, when something amazing was born and surprised the heck out of me.

I was thrilled enough to have Michelle be a guest on my own little show, let alone be asked to join the In5d family of writers and radio show hosts, but I readily accepted. Michelle Walling and Gregg Prescott of In5D have always been great supporters of the late Dolores Cannon, and I have been interested in preserving Dolores’ legacy and supporting all of those practitioners of Quantum Healing who carry on with the Cannon Method since my own first class back in 2008.

“Quantum Healing with Candace” will debut September 18. The show will have its foundation in the work and method of Dolores Cannon. There are thousands of practitioners around the world who are facilitating amazing sessions of healing and consciousness exploration…there are endless stories to bring to the show and many friends and colleagues to ask to join me.

But there are others who are also working in this “Quantum” world who will help round out future show topics. More and more traditionally trained science and medical professionals including doctors, nurses, dentists, veterinarians and researchers are beginning to come on board with the idea of consciousness based healing. They have wonderful stories and information to share as well. And isn’t it about time that they do?!

I still have that kitten on my mind.

Not only was it born in my parent’s home, there are other symbolic references that I find compelling. First of all it was a kitten. I am pretty passionate about animals but particularly felines. So she represents passion. She was not newborn, but she was not an adult either. This to me means that as far as radio goes, I am not a newbie for sure, but I have not yet reached the adulthood of my potential on the airwaves. The kitten was female. I am female and we are all aware of the Divine Feminine returning and needing a voice. Her eyes were green, the same green as my own. She was a part of me. The little ears of the kitten, were white, a neutral color, perhaps indicating neutral listening, and the tufts on them really looked like antennae, which of course relates to the idea of radio. The multi-colored coat of the kitten to me represents other people, other cultures and other ideas. I envision “Quantum Healing with Candace” to present deep thinkers, writers, researchers, teachers and my own friends, and colleagues, both those who practice Quantum Healing and those who do not, to inspire and assist in the healing of both Humanity and the planet, and maybe even beyond.

Permission to share this blog article is granted as long as all of the information and links remain intact and unchanged. Copyright 2015 Candace Craw-Goldman Newearthjourney.com

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