A First: Brand Name Product Mentioned During Regression

In my work as a Regressionist, I hear many fantastic and out-of-this-world stories. People visit and re-visit many different lives and experiences and I go with them to the past, to parallel lives, to the future and even to other planets and different dimensions and realities.

After reviewing this experience, we talk to the “Higher Self” and learn why we were shown what we were, and here too, is where we ask additional questions and request assistance in healing.

My most recent client had been experiencing debilitating MS like neurological symptoms for nearly two decades. She had spent her savings trying to become healthy and had ridden the hospital and doctor merry-go-round which included a thorough workup by the Mayo Clinic. “Nothing” was found to be the cause of her condition, the one that caused her pain, mobility problems and forced her into early retirement.

It was one reason she came for her regression. To find out if she really had MS, and if not, what caused or is causing her illness?

After examining the life visited, we moved on to speak to The Higher Self. It did not hesitate to respond to the question. “Nutrasweet. She has been poisoned by aspartame.” The wise voice had many suggestions on details about how to improve her health and her life, and some of those suggestions should be heeded by us all. Like this one: “Consume only whole pure natural foods made by our Earth Mother. ”

I’ll leave you bits of information I have read about aspartame which should give you pause:

  1. Monsanto currently holds the patent.
  2. The Pentagon had once classified aspartame as a biochemical warfare agent.
  3. There have been more reports to the FDA for aspartame reactions than for all other food additives combined.