A Poem of Self Love by Nicole Espinosa

A Poem Of Self Love – by Nicole Espinosa.


A secluded pond reveals an alchemist’s dream.

An elixir of gold with the promise of beauty past time.

If not for the lips, then the eyes will drink

a stolen glance that would shudder the strongest of men.

A rock is thrown to shatter the reflection of ill.

With ripples etching this memory to mind for keeps.

It alone is the reason for Earth’s madness of late.

This duality of seeds that sprouts two paths.

Within each of us they are twisting alongside.

To confuse and befuddle the most peaceful of men.

Where did I turn on this path of belief

that love is only beams so bright.

I dare to lean again and test the truth of my eyes

with this pond as a mirror that reveals past lives.

Not only have I been a ruler so fair,

to spread the wealth and the food to all underneath.

But, it too was I who held the sword and the scream

that led the army to plunder and conquer next time.

If one path seduces and wins attention for eons,

insanity is sure to sit behind the mask.

For balance is the only bedfellow in the end,

that strips the sheets to find both Light and Dark.

I watch as observer the point of my finger

that found fault in those who appear to be leading.

It is time to point to myself instead

and stand tall in my power to embrace both paths.

For this is how to transmute the dark to light,

and make it feel as though it wants to comply.

A secluded pond reveals an alchemist’s dream.

My lips drink from the reflection’s elixir of love,

and finds beauty and delight in the kiss of myself.

Nicole was inspired to write this poem following an amazing Quantum Healing Hypnosis Session. Nicole practices Dolores Cannon’s method in Glendale California. Imagine having a session with this lovely woman yourself. You can reach her here: [email protected].

Permission is granted to share this article given by Newearthjourney.com  in full with all links and information to remain intact. Poem Copyright, all rights retained by Nicole Espinosa 2015.

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